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Dp4 Font Viewer Download

Lightweight, portable and straightforward utility that helps you view all fonts in a specified directory, with support for search filters

dp4 Font Viewer is a tiny and portable software utility that you can use to view all TTF fonts in a specified directory. It comes packed with a few handy options such as filters.

Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can drop the executable file in any location on the hard disk and just click it to run.

It is also possible to save dp4 Font Viewer to a USB flash disk or similar storage device, to be able to run it effortlessly on any PC, without previous installers.

What's more, the Windows registry does not get updated with new entries, and leftovers are not kept on the HDD after removing the utility.

The GUI is clean and intuitive, based on a window split into multiple panels. So, you can scroll a list to select a font, or filter results by specifying the family, weight and width class, among others.

You can preview the font in question in the main frame, as well as change the viewing mode to display all glyphs. In addition, you can show a character grid, Unicode and keys, as well as change the font size, view both Microsoft and Macintosh information, and write sample text to preview the font changes.

Text information can be saved to HTML or BMP format (with or without the alpha channel), as well as printed. Plus, you can view file information just like in Windows Explorer, and print the list of fonts.

dp4 Font Viewer is very low-demanding when it comes to system performance, using low CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and works well, without causing the OS to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. We have not come across any issues throughout our testing. When it comes down to it, dp4 Font Viewer delivers a simple solution to viewing fonts.

CURRENT VERSION: 3.2 FILE SIZE: 768 KB DEVELOPER: digital performance RUNS ON: Windows 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit CATEGORY: C: \ Others \ Font Utils

Windows Font Viewer:

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    Advanced Font Viewer - for windows font viewer program - print, view and fonts management

    How to choose a better font?

    The quality of your work with text and graphics in many respects depends on the fonts you use.

    It is not that easy to choose an appropriate font, as it seems at first sight. Most programs have scant resources for font choice, or do not have them at all. You have to browse the fonts separately or use a list of typeface variants, which is usually quite poor, as it is, for example, in Word.

    Use Advanced Font Viewer!

    Advanced Font Viewer was developed to solve the problem. The program?s name itself shows what AFV can actually do. It is a specialized tool for fast searching for the best font variant among the fonts you have.

    The easy-to-use interface allows beginners to quickly master the program, while professionals will definitely enjoy everyday working with it.

    As soon as you run Advanced Font Viewer, you will see text examples for all of the fonts installed on your computer on one list.

    You will be able to set necessary style, size and color of the text examples, according to your own scheme. You can also enter your own text to use as an example.

    If you are choosing a font for printed materials, then print out the list and make your choice according to the real conditions of font usage.

    Those who have huge collections of fonts, and those who wish to accurately compare patterns of several fonts that look similar, may create their own Selected Fonts List. Working with such a list will save the necessity to look through the main list, spending too much time for searching, and thus allow you to concentrate on your choice. You will be able to add new fonts to the list, as well as to delete unnecessary fonts. This list can also be printed out.

    Indent users of the program are not limited by the already installed fonts. One always can add a new font to his or her collection from any folder, hard drive or CD, being able to evaluate font?s appearance before installation. In case you find an ugly font, or a font you use rarely, you can deinstall it right away.

    All questions and requests that we receive from the users, are taken into consideration in the plan of future development and improvement of the program. The AFV?s constant enhancement was repeatedly covered in different authoritative periodicals ; the program was awarded many prizes. C omments from AFV?s many users also point out the program?s efficacy and simplicity of use.

    All registered users of Advanced Font Viewer always get the full up-to-date version of the program. Registered users are advised about the newest versions of AFV. In case you are an unregistered user, or you have an unreliable mailbox, you can subscribe to our news posting.

    Use and Benefits

    Remembering about gaining time, please take into account that the quality of your work also increases with the use of expressive fonts, which would correspond with your creative idea.

    Printing of the fonts samples.

    You will be able to give your client many versions of font patterns for final approval.

    If you decide to deinstall many fonts from your computer it is recommended that you print copies of those fonts and keep the examples before the deinstallation.

    The appearance of a font on the monitor screen differs from one on the paper. The printed examples allow you to make a better choice of the font, which is be used for printed matter.

    Some users prefer browsing font lists in Internet Explorer. They will still be able to do so, since while printing an HTML document is created, which can be viewed by Internet Explorer.

    AMP Font Viewer - Free download and software reviews - CNET

    AMP Font Viewer About the Download.com Installer Quick Specs Editors' Review

    Windows is so full of fonts that they'd fill a warehouse if they were cast-metal typesets, but it doesn't go out of its way to make them easy to manage. That's where tools like AMPsoft's AMP Font Viewer come in. Font Viewer can install and uninstall fonts, sample them, and organize them into categories. This lightweight freeware is compatible with nearly every version of Windows still in use, even 9x releases from the 1990s. Regular updates are logged on the program's Web site. We tried Font Viewer in 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.

    Font Viewer is light and fast, and it opened almost the instant we clicked its desktop shortcut. The ReadMe file serves as Font Viewer's Help file, with installation and usage tips, recommendations for users of various Windows versions, and a list of known issues related to certain font types.

    All our fonts were displayed in a browserlike screen overlaid by a window, the Interchange Window, which resembles an enhanced Save File dialog box. The main view has separate tabs for managing installed and not-installed fonts. A file menu accesses all functions: Edit, Format, View, Options, and so on. A scrolling fonts menu next to a preview pane displays each font in two sentences containing each letter of the English language alphabet, as well as buttons for Bold, Italic, Underline, Size, Color, and ANSI characters. Font Viewer displays information about each font, including its type and any available subfamilies. The Not Installed fonts tab has a complete tree view for quickly finding and installing new fonts. We really appreciated being able to install fonts temporarily, not to mention the option to remove all temporary fonts at once.

    AMP Font Viewer is excellent for getting an overview of your fonts as well as adding new fonts and removing unnecessary ones. It won't change the fonts Windows and your other programs use; you'll have to do that on case-by-case basis. But Font Viewer certainly makes it easier to view, sample, and install new fonts.

    Microsoft Windows Font Viewer

    Microsoft Windows Font Viewer

    About Microsoft Windows Font Viewer

    Normally when you preview a font in Windows, the default preview In this case, Microsoft's font preview application already had the In Windows Vista, the alternative phrase no longer exists in the English font viewer, but Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer by Komeil Bahmanpour is a tool for viewing files in Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF) in Microsoft Windows. MS-MVP Windows Shell/User In news:(E-Mail I made sure that the TTF files pointed to the Windows Font Viewer in > System32 folder > 1 Oct 2009 Microsoft Windows 7: Visual QuickStart Guide To view fonts with a program other than Windows Font Viewer, right-click a font icon, choose24 Sep 2012 Download Source Code for CPS Font Viewer v2.1.0.zip fonts and later it can be further taken to the Filter window where the user can select a single font. Senior Microsoft Systems Engineer with growing tech firm Robert

    I work at a company that is moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 in domain with Like http://www.gljakal.com/fontviewer/fontview_setup.exe full rights to HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionFonts. Download dp4 Font Viewer 3.1 software from our fast and free software Windows Phone is now available for download from Microsoft's Windows Phone Store.EditBy Z. Outlook Express Backup Found results for Advanced Font Viewer 5. NET Enterprise Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced.

    Windows Xp Font Viewer - Free Software Download

    Software Downloads for "Windows Xp Font Viewer"
    • xp font viewer
    • License: Shareware

    xp Font viewer  is a font utility. It uses a HTML  for viewing fonts, installed on your PC: View all Fonts. Print the list of fonts. Print sample text of a font. View sample text in all available fonts. Used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste characters to another program Compare different fonts Used system tray. Sorted fonts. View favorite fonts.

    Main Features:

    Font viewer view all fonts installed on win.

    Font viewer  is a font utility. It uses a HTML  for viewing fonts, installed on your PC: View all Fonts. Print the list of fonts. Print sample text of a font. View sample text in all available fonts. Used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste characters to another program Compare different fonts Used system tray. Sorted fonts. View favorite fonts..

    dp4 Font Viewer for Windows is a application that showing all TTF fonts of a given folder

    Windows XP Product Key Modifier automates the task of changing your Windows XP product key Windows XP Product Key Modifier was intended to automate the task of changing your Windows XP product key. Doing this manually is quite a nuisance, so I wrote this little application to do it for you!Simply enter your new valid XP product key (e.g. XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) into the field provided, and apply pressure to the 'Change Key' button. The operation performs the following tasks:Modifies a certain registry value to trick Windows into thinking it has not been activated.

    • Windows XP Cleaner
    • License: Shareware

    Windows XP Cleaner is a suite of tools to clean your system; it includes Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, History Cleaner, BHO Remover, Duplicate files Cleaner and Startup Cleaner. this Windows XP Cleaner suite allows you to remove unneeded files and Internet tracks, find and remove invalid registry entries, erase Internet trace, and manage cookies. Furthermore, this program includes options to fix registry errors, and optimize your system performance..

      Platform: Android, AS/400, BlackBerry, Handheld, iOS 4.x, Java, Linux, Mac, MS-DOS, Not Applicable, Palm, Pocket PC, Tablets, Unix, Windows
    • Publisher: windows xp cleaner
    • Date: 03-12-2009 Size: 7000 KB
    • Get Back Windows XP Files
    • License: Shareware

    Use one of the most excellent get back Windows XP files software which is cost effective tool for home & business users. This get back data software is intended with highly advanced features that help you to get back deleted Windows XP drives as well as get back deleted Windows XP files/folders from Windows XP hard disk drive. This get back data program is compatible with all storage media devices such as - pen drive, memory card, zip drive, floppy drive, hard disk drive and etc. Get back data software provides 4 types of recovery mode such as 1) Desktop Recovery 2) Images Recovery 3) Raw Recovery 4) Remote Recovery.

    • Windows XP Data Recovery
    • License: Shareware

    Professional Windows XP partition recovery software is a program that recovers Windows XP data from formatted, deleted, damaged, corrupted, resized, recreated, split or missing partitions of Windows XP. Windows XP partition data recovery software extends the abilities of the users to recover files & folders that are deleted or missing from the Windows XP partitions. Windows XP partition file recovery software is design for recovery of data from hard drive, pen drive, ipods, memory cards, usb drives, external hard disk & other storage media devices that support FAT & NTFS file system.

    Windows XP Transformation Pack is an archive of tools meant to bring the Windows XP look on your Windows 7 operating system.

    The pack contains a custom theme enabler, icons, sounds, a screensaver, wallpaper, the theme and cursors.

    Windows Azure Diagnostics Viewer is a handy and reliable utility designed to disaply Windows Azure Diagnostics tables.

    There are two applications available: a Windows application and a console application. In the application.config files the connection parameters to Windows Azure Table Storage must be set.

    CPS Font Viewer is created as a small and useful application that can display all the fonts installed on your system.

    You can use the software to enter a sample text and see how it looks when it is displayed using the available fonts.

    When you're outside of a domain environment, XP has some features missing. XP Home leaves you completely without the Group Policy Editor, while XP Pro lacks the ability to use the Group Policy Editor to selectively apply policies to specific users.

    Only one user profile, either the currently logged on user, or a "loaded" user profile, can be loaded at one time. However, with the licensed version, you can create a "default" set of settings and quickly apply them to other user profiles.

    All but one of the settings that can be changed are "per-user" settings.

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers' experience with the operating system.

    If you're updating just one computer, please visit Windows Update at http://update.microsoft.com.

    Download windows font viewer scandinavian - WinfredChavis s blog

    Download windows font viewer scandinavian

    File: windows font viewer scandinavian

    Type of compression: zip

    Uploaded by: bionochi

    File checked: Kaspersky

    Download speed: 16 Mb/s

    Date: 7.06.2012

    Author: asatys

    windows font viewer scandinavian

    The Right Font for the Job

    · Enhanced Model Viewer allows for interactive. network version of Statistics 17 would not run on Windows. · A problem in which page attributes: font, font size.

    Font Viewer is a font manager and preview utility for Windows. Font Viewer helps you find the right font. Code Compare Color - Free Picture Motion Browser - Scandinavian.

    More Plans For Log Cabin Type Mailboxes freeware - Handcrafted Log.

    Font - Free Downloads of Font

    You can use the same font on Mac or Windows machines without. Italian, and those of Scandinavia. Fonts that support. fontshop.com character set viewer language.

    in Denmark: "FontSelector is a simple freeware font viewer for Windows 95, 98. Morton Bek's web page where one can find his free fonts Futhark (old Scandinavian), Moon.

    SPSS Statistics 20.0.0 - Changelog - Softpedia

    The Danish font scene - Luc Devroye's Home Page

    using techniques and traditions of Scandinavian. Kiwi Log Viewer for Windows is a freeware application that. package consists of 10 true type fonts. Platforms: Windows 95.

  • Getting Started with Unicode - Teaching and Learning with Technology

    Where can I get the Unicode fonts? Both Microsoft (Window) and Apple. French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Scandinavian. Unicode Block Viewer - View Unicode codes by.

    windows font viewer scandinavian The Danish font scene - Luc Devroye's Home Page
  • Nexus font - best font manager for Windows (Freeware)

    How to backup my settings?

    All settings are saved in a folder below. Just copy this folder to your backup location.

    NexusFileInstallationFolder \userdata (ex: c:\Program Files\NexusFile\userdata)

    If you are using Windows Vista/7/8, settings may be saved here

    Can I set column width?

    No, you can't. Column width is determined automatically and cannot be set manually.

    Command Line Options

    Open NexusFile with the specific folder

    I don't want to see confirmation dialog when deleting files/folders I want to use TeraCopy or KillCopy as a copy/move handler for NexusFile Release Notes NexusFile December 8 2012
    • Fixed: File time was wrong in archive file
    • Fixed: FTP encoding problem fixed
    • Fixed: Add to archive caused an error in a single pane mode
    NexusFile June 5 2011
    • Added: 7z, iso, cab, tar, bz2, z, egg file extraction
    (Using ARK library - http://www.bandisoft.com/ark/)
  • Improved: Adding to zip now can contain empty folder.
  • Added: File Checksum function (CRC, MD5, SHA1)
  • Fixed: Deleting a folder made with mklink deleted all files/folders inside of the original folder.
  • Fixed: Size Format option wasn't saved.
  • Fixed: Uncheck empty recycle bin on Disk Cleanup Dialog didn't work.
  • Fixed: Scroll problem on details, thumbnails view mode
  • Fixed: Advanced Rename replace problem ex) Find:0, Replace:1 0000 => 0101
  • Fixed: File time was not displayed right in FTP
  • Fixed: Error on Select Dest dialog (Division by Zero)
  • Added: can disable auto save settings by editing nexusfile.ini autosavesettings value to 0
  • Fixed: Text encoding problem when joining text files.
  • NexusFile January 1 2011
    • Fixed: Error occurred or stopped when Folder Tree(F10) scans
    • Fixed: Sometimes, error occurred after deleting files/folders
    • Fixed: Rarely, folder could be deleted even though some files in it failed to be moved.
    • Fixed: Folders whose name contains some characters couldn't be zipped
    • Fixed: Sometimes file list was scrolled unintentionally in scroll by line mode
    • Fixed: NexusFile was opened in a main monitor after being closed at maximized state in a sub-monitor.
    • Fixed: Sort Descend/Ascend option was not saved if it is not set in 'Tools > Options' dialog.
    • Fixed: Sometimes folder size was cropped when using 'Calculate folder size(Ctrl+Shift+R)' function.
    • Fixed: FTP site 'Remote dir' options was not applied.
    • Add: Command line option /userdir:"path" added

    ex) nexusfile.exe /userdir:"c:\userdata2"

    NexusFile will load and save settings from "c:\userdata2"
  • Fixed: Search didn't work on Shortcut Keys (F12)
  • Some minor errors are fixed
  • NexusFile October 13 2010
    • Fixed: NexusFile didn't start with error(0Xc0150002) on some systems.
    NexusFile October 10 2010
    • Added: SFTP support
    • Added: NexusFile.exe command line parameter /pane:dual|single added
    • Added: Send to Recycle Bin without confirmation option added (Edit "delconfirm=1" value in nexusfile.ini 0 or 1 can be set)
    • Updated: DelZIP.dll updated to ver 1.9
    • Fixed: Extension field was shown even when attach extension option is on
    • Fixed: BreadZip preview on context menu didn't work
    • Fixed: File list didn't scroll when drag over
    • Fixed: Mouse wheel scroll step in Details View was fixed to one line.
    • Fixed: Icon background in folders pane
    • Fixed: Add to ZIP took too long when adding files/folders are located in root folder
    • Fixed: some other minor bugs are fixed
    NexusFile August 24 2010
    • Fixed: Drive free spaces were not refreshed
    • Fixed: Dialog size problem in some Windows which doesn't have Segoe UI font
    • Improved: Move cursor position at the end of inserted macro string when inserting a macro by selecting a menu
    • Fixed: Date/Time input box accelerator key didn't work on Change Attr/Time Dialog.
    • Fixed: $(SELECTED) macro didn't include file path for each file.
    • Fixed: File date age was incorrect.
    • Fixed: Color was not applied to file size unit
    • Fixed: showfiletype option in nexusfile.ini didn't work
    • Fixed: Spaces between list fields increased.
    • Fixed: Attach File Extension option didn't work
    • Fixed: Tab order was not consistent on Options dialog
    • Fixed: Scroll bar skin was too dark
    • Fixed: Folder Tree Window access violation error
    • Fixed: Rename dialog couldn't be translated
    • Fixed: Function key bar showed Ctrl/Alt mode buttons even Ctrl/Alt was not pressed
    • Improved: Add 'Add to Favorites/Organize Favorites' menu on context menu of address bar
    • Improved: Scroll by page option now can be applied to Details list style
    • Fixed: Unnecessary horizontal scroll when moving focused item on Folder Tree Window (F10)
    • Added: Folder deep level for full scanning on Folder Tree Window(F10) can be set in nexusfile.ini (tfullrefreshlevel)

    If set to 10, full refresh will not scan inside of the folders whose deep level is 10. NexusFile August 16 2010

    • Added: UI for customizing shortcut key (F12)
    • Added: Open all selected files function added
    • Added: Thumbnail size option (Tools > Options > Thumb Size)
    • Added: Details list style is added
    • Added: Date and time format can be customized (Tools > Options > Format)
    • Added: Size format can be customized (Tools > Options > Format)
    • Added: Grid row line option (Tools > Options > Show Grid Row Line)
    • Added: Shortcut key for 'Close Tab' added as Ctrl+W
    (If you are using older version, this will not be applied)
  • Changed: Shortcut key for 'Go to Documents' has been changed from Ctrl+W to Ctrl+G (If you are using older version, this will not be applied)
  • Improved: Thumbnails view improved
  • Improved: UI default font changed to Segoe UI for better look on Vista/7
  • Improved: Scroll Bar design improved. (can be customized by editing skin image)
  • Improved: UpdateCheck.exe is removed. Now update check is done internally.
  • Improved: Save file/folder list now saves as Unicode
  • Fixed: Couldn't access folder/file which has encrypted attribute
  • Fixed: Tab history was broken when folder name has [ or =
  • Fixed: Backspace shortcut key didn't work in root folder of archive file
  • Fixed: Invalid characters appeared when renaming in FTP mode
  • Fixed: FTP encoding problem
  • Fixed: macro didn't work in copy handler setting
  • Fixed: focus was not changed when click tabs or address bar
  • Fixed: NexusFile didn't start (hang)
  • Fixed: $(SELECTED), $(SELECTED1), $(SELECTED2) macro didn't work
  • Fixed: Selected files information wasn't updated when using advanced selection/deselection
  • NexusFile June 11 2010
    • Fixed: FTP file transfer problem
    • Fixed: character encoding problem in FTP
    • Fixed: WinRAR compress problem
    • Fixed: Program start window position problem when using Dual Monitor
    • Several bugs are fixed
    NexusFile June 9 2010
    • Fixed: drag & drop didn't work
    NexusFile June 8 2010
    • Added: File > Calculate Selected Folder Size
    • Added: Tray Icon (Tools > Options. Etc - Hide when minimized)
    • Changed: NexusFile icon redesigned
    • Fixed: Favorite folder was not added when path name is long
    • Fixed: Search was not working in Chinese, Japan or Korean on Folder Tree Window
    • Improved: $(PROGRAMDRIVE) macro can be used in copy handler option in nexusfile.ini
    • Improved: following macros can be used in Function Key definition

    Focused Pane: $(PATH), $(DRIVE), $(SELECTED), $(FILENAME), $(NAME), $(EXTENSION)

    Left Pane: $(PATH1), $(DRIVE1), $(SELECTED1), $(FILENAME1), $(NAME1), $(EXTENSION1)

    Right Pane: $(PATH2), $(DRIVE2), $(SELECTED2), $(FILENAME2), $(NAME2), $(EXTENSION2) NexusFile December 20 2009

    • Added: TeraCopy or KillCopy can be used as a copy/move handler in NexusFile
    edit usecopyhandler,copy handler value in userdata\nexusfile.ini file in order to use TeraCopy or KillCopy as a copy handler
  • Fixed: Auto refresh keep refreshing file/folder list even when there is no change in current folder
  • Added: Option for not displaying 'Delete' button on Send to RecycleBin dialog
  • Fixed: Crashed when open a ZIP file created in MAC OS
  • Added: Command line option for specifying initial folder for each panes. ex) nexusfile.exe /dir1:"c:\windows" /dir2:"d:\data"
  • Fixed: Font option was not applied in folder list
  • Fixed: ESC key function didn't work when folder list is focused
  • Added: "Open with new tab" menu added in Folder context menu.
  • Improved: Quick Search text is displayed on the top right corner of the window.
  • Improved: ftp:// format address in address bar pops up FTP connection dialog.
  • NexusFile November 30 2008
    • Fixed: Error occurred when using keyboard shortcut to execute functions in some environment.
    • Fixed: "Please insert CD" message was showed up when NexusFile starting up.
    • Fixed: Hide drive list didn't work
    • Fixed: Disk size on Folder/Disk info bar was not updated.
    • Fixed: Multi-Volume RAR compressed file couldn't be extracted.
    • Fixed: "Allow only one process of NexusFile" option didn't.
    • Fixed: Errors on Tabs
    • Fixed: When a drive is focused, Properteis(F9) didn't work.
    • Improved: Select Same Extension selects folders when a folder is focused.
    NexusFile November 24 2008
    • Several bugs on version are fixed
    NexusFile Version) November 15 2008
    • Changed: Internal structures are changed for future versions
    • Added: User can customize toolbar (Customize interface is not supported yet. User should edit toolbar.xml in user data folder manually)
    • Added: FTP CHMOD command (Change Attributes) function
    • Improved: FTP engine version upgraded
    • Changed: Skin structure is changed and default skins are improved (Skinks for older version cannot be used for new version)
    • Changed: When Ctrl+click on an file/folder, focused item is also selected.
    • Changed: Name and extension are edited separately.
    • Fixed: Memory leaks on Select Destination dialog.
    • Fixed: Copy/Move/Delete/Extract/Add progress dialog was always top of other windows.
    • Fixed: There was no error message when copy failed because destination file is being used in another program.
    • Fixed: Properties button was not working on Folder Tree Window.
    • Improved: User can cancel when Copy/Move/Delete preparing status.
    • Improved/Fixed: dealing ZIP archive file improved
    • Improved: Date format on New Folder dialog can be changed in Control Panel-Regional and Languages
    • Improved: In advanced rename numbering mode, step can be negative value so user can numbering descent order.
    • Improved: File attributes are displayed with drwxrwxrwx format in FTP listing
    • Improved: You can search shortcut keys in Help > Shortcut.
    • Improved: Address bar display
    • Improved: Activate NexusFile window with Win + Q shortcut key
    • Changed: all user files are stored in user data folder
    (If you are using Windows Vista and not with administrator account, all user files are stored in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\NexusFile folder)
  • Improved: Folders window can be shown in each window when Dual Window mode (Shortcut Key: Alt+F3)
  • Added: miListStyleAutoList1, miListStyleAutoList2, miListStyleNameList, miListStyleThumbs are added in shortcut.ini
  • Added: User can run custom command in FTP (System > Command Line)
  • Improved: NOOP command is sent every 30 seconds for keeping FTP session.
  • Changed: language file format is changed to UTF8
  • Macro Variables are added for settings (External program, Function Keys command, User Folders location, External Archive folder

    $(PROGRAMDIR): folder where NexusFile is installed

    $(PROGRAMDRIVE): drive where NexusFile is installed

  • NexusFile August 29 2008
    • Fixed: After once CD/DVD media is inserted and removed, "Insert Disk" message is appeared when NexusFile is launched.
    • Fixed: Memory leak when using Thumbnail View
    NexusFile August 9 2008
    • Improved: refresh drive list when a media/disk is inserted/removed or a drive is added/removed.
    • Fixed/Improved: Shred and Delete didn't work correctly. Now rename and truncate a file before deleting.
    • Added: You can use ESC key to go to parent folder. [Tools > Options:Option]
    • Fixed: FPT connection was failed when "ftp://" is contained in an address.
    • Fxied: error occurred when close a tab when there is one tab left.
    • Fixed: carriage return character was attached when copy a filename/path.
    • Added: /dir:path parameter can be used when launching a NexusFile. (ex: nexusfile.exe /dir:"c:\Program Files")
    • Fixed: a folder is removed from tree even when deleting folder was canceled or not deleted in a folder tree window (F10)
    NexusFile June 9 2008
    • Fixed: error occurred when rename a long file name.
    • Fixed: show hidden file didn't work when listing FTP files
    • Fixed: hidden file name in FTP was not displayed correctly
    • Fixed: hidden or cut file icon was not displayed correctly
    • Fixed: FTP download/upload progress exceeded 100% after file exists dialog is shown
    NexusFile 5 RC3 May 24 2008
    • Fixed: critical error that NexusFile didn't free resources it used and cause out of resources.
    • Fixed: sometimes Ctrl+V(Paste) didn't work
    • Fixed: error occurred when close an Advanced Rename dialog without doing anything.
    • Fixed: error occurred when collapsing/expanding folder tree on a folder tree window
    • Fixed: sometimes move folder didn't delete a source folder after moving.
    • Several small bugs are fixed.
    NexusFile 5 RC2 May 19 2008
    • Fixed: conflict with X-Neat Windows Manager
    • Fixed: Icon overlay is not visible when using Tortoise CVS
    • Improved: Language can be changed without restarting a program
    • Improved: Skin can be changed without restarting a program
    • Fixed: Error on splitting a large file ( > 4GB)
    • Improved: Speed up Folder Tree Window loading time and remove delay when expand/collapse a folder
    • Fixed: Save Result was always disabled on a folder compare dialog
    • Changed: tab shape in a classic skin
    • Changed: Default install path is changed from "c:\Program Files\NexusFile" to "c:\NexusFile" (Because of the User Access Control in Windows Vista)
    • Fixed: Delete function was disabled on a folder tree dialog
    • Fixed: File comment was not updated when renaming a file/folder
    NexusFile 5 RC1 May 7 2008
    • Users can customize shortcut keys by editing shortcut.ini file (UI for changing shortcut keys will be added on a later release)
    • Smart Command Line

    run programs directly in a command line by typing only the name of an execution file after once you open .exe or .lnk in NexusFile.

    1. go to c:\program files\nexusfile folder then open nexusfile.exe

    2. go to anywhere but an above folder.

    3. run System > Command Line ( Shortcut: / ).

    4. type 'nexus file' and click 'OK'

    => c:\program files\nexusfile\nexusfile.exe will be executed.
  • Fixed: when you close a tab when there is only one tab, error occurred.
  • Fix default destination path on a Select Destination Dialog for Copy/Move/Extract operation
  • Fixed: Thumbnails were not shown when you set list style to Thumbnails and uncheck Show Icon.
  • Fixed: there was no check status on Main Menu
  • Fixed: some tooltips are shown in Korean even though language setting is not Korean
  • more Internal Commands added for Function Keys
  • AMP Font Viewer, Freeware for Windows - Font Managers

    Font Managers - Viewers AMP Font Viewer, Freeware for Windows

    SUMMARY: AMP Font Viewer is a freeware font manager for Windows that supports modifiable font previews.

    AMP Font Viewer is a freeware font manager for Windows that lets you install and uninstall fonts as needed (Windows Vista users will need to run the software as an Administrator to do so). TrueType, OpenType, and Adobe Type 1 fonts are supported. Through the "Options" - "Language" menu, you can switch from English to Spanish and back, and this even changes the sample text.

    For organizational purposes fonts can be placed into categories. AMP Font Viewer lets you preview installed and uninstalled fonts on your system, and you can even modify the sample text, style, size, and color. You can print a full or partial font list, or print font samples with your selected text and font properties.

    Previewing a font with AMP Font Viewer

    The software can be downloaded at the following address: