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Download Firefox Offline Installer (Standalone) Latest Version

Today we are going to post about free downloading Firefox Offline Installer and that too latest version. Please keep on reading the whole post for download link which we have given in this post.

It was the Firefox which provided us the option of multiple tab browsing in the era of Internet Explorer. Everyone knew of the slow performance and annoying user interface of the Internet Explorer but no one was having better solution other than Firefox. Google Chrome is the only one web browser which was able to move out Firefox from the first position among web browser and still it is the best one. If you looking for the best source to download Firefox offline installer (standalone) latest version then you are at the right place my dear.

The Firefox is developed by a nonprofit organization named Mozilla and this organization is really struggling hard to get its web browser to the first rank.

The latest version is Firefox 22 as of now and it is launched with lots of new features and off course previous features improvements and security bug fixes.

Features of Firefox Standalone Installer Latest Version

Before you download Firefox offline installer (standalone) latest version you must read the features this latest version will provide you. If you got it already installed then you can also upgrade to it easily without needing of this Firefox offline installer.

  1. The very first and biggest new feature in the Firefox 22 is the use of newer and improved version of JavaScript. Mozilla has developed a compact version of JavaScript which is used in the Firefox latest version. The main benefit of having this JavaScript is that it will improve the performance of the browser and will also increase the browsing speed.
  2. HTML5 is now completely supported and the video playback is also improved. Earlier versions were having trouble with video playback but not its fixed.
  3. WebGL has been improved that means you dont need to include any plugin to improve the graphics performance.
  4. As I already mentioned that the security bugs which were there in all earlier versions are now fixed. So this version is the most stable and secure version of Firefox web browser till now.
  5. There are few changes in UI too like the address bar is little modified and the download manager has been added on that only. Add-on library has also been increased further providing more quality add-ons to the users.

So these were the new features in the latest version of Firefox i.e. 22. I know youre convinced now and want to use it as your default web browser after a long time. And I hope you liked these great features and functions of this browser.

Download Firefox Offline Installer Latest Version

If you already having Firefox web browser installed on your computer or laptop then you can update without downloading any installer but if you want to keep it in your software gallery then here Im providing the source to download Firefox Offline Installer (Standalone) latest version.

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Please follow this link and directly download the software. Also please bookmark this page as to get

Click Here to Download Firefox Offline Installer (Standalone)

So friends, this was the story of the day.

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Firefox Standalone:

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    Firefox Offline Installer

    Firefox Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup Free Download (Latest Version)

    Mozilla Firefox is one of the oldest as well as fastest web browser available on the internet for free. Firefox browser is available for Windows, OS X, Android as well as Linux. Being the third most popular browser, it has more than 450 million users all over the globe. We all know about the features which this amazing browser offers to us and I dont feel any requirement to repeat them here. So we are directly going to jump to the Mozilla Firefox offline installer because of which you are here.

    You must have noticed the sudden switchover of the company to the web based setup for the installation of their browser. Now when anyone clicks on the link to download the browser on the official site, instead of a big setup file, a small sized installer is downloaded. This small installer when initiated installs the full setup after downloading it from the internet. This method is ideal for one time install. But, in case you need to install the browser on more than one PC, or to a PC which do not have internet connection, it is not possible with this method. So in order to save you from such inconvenience we have brought to you Mozilla Firefox Offline installer / Full Standalone Setup (latest version) which could be downloaded for any PC via two methods given below.

    Firefox Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup Download

    In this method you will be downloading the Firefox from the official website of the browser itself. There is a special page on the Mozillas official website which contains all the offline installers in different languages. One could visit and download the Firefox offline installer / standalone setup in the language he or she prefer from there. You can visit the page from here .

    So these were the simple method following which one could easily get Firefox offline installer / standalone setup for download. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and could also follow us on various social networking websites in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

    Mozilla Firefox Offline installer (Standalone) download

    Mozilla Firefox Offline installer (Standalone) download

    The common thread that runs throughout Mozilla is our belief that, as the most significant social and technological development of our time, the Internet is a public resource that must remain open and accessible to all. With this in mind, our efforts are ultimately driven by our mission of encouraging choice, innovation and opportunity online.

    To achieve these goals, we use a highly transparent, extremely collaborative process that brings together thousands of dedicated volunteers around the world with our small staff of employees to coordinate the creation of products like the Firefox web browser. This process is supported by the Mozilla Corporation, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.

    In the end, the Mozilla community, organization and technology is all focused on a single goal: making the Internet better for everyone.

    This post is about how to get Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (standalone)download in an easy manner.

    Along with many other benefits, following are the two main benefits of using the Mozilla Firefox offline installer when installed on Windows PC. Foremost is the fact that you may download the complete package altogether and then use it anytime you want to. In case you are installing the Firefox with online installer, then disconnection of internet connection means that the installation will be stopped. When you will resume the internet connection, you will have to start the installation process all over again.

    From the Mozilla website you may install loads of extensions and addons. These will offer you specific functionalities to the Mozilla Firefox.

    In order to keep your data synchronized, you can create your own account. The Mozilla Firefox also enables its users to go for multi-tasking. The browser is better, faster and more secured as compared to any other web browser.

    Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (standalone) download

    GO and grab the best internet browser.

    Download Firefox 7

    Firefox 7.0.1 Final

    Mozilla just released Firefox 7.0.1 – an update for Windows, Mac and Linux. Mozilla Firefox provides a speedy Web browsing experience for users and new tools to help developers create faster websites and Web apps .

    In terms of Firefox 7 display there is no change from the previous release of Firefox 6. But in terms of capability it has increased a lot better than its previous version

    Firefox 7 aims to enhance your browsing experience by improving one of its major drawback, i.e. high memory consumption. The latest and new Firefox 7 drastically improves the usage of memory (RAM) and is said to consume 20-30% less memory than former builds of Firefox browser.

    Whats New in Firefox 7 :

    The latest version of Firefox has the following changes :

    • Drastically improved memory handling for certain use cases
    • Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
    • Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
    • The ‘http://’ URL prefix is now hidden by default
    • Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
    • Added support for the Web Timing specification
    • Enhanced support for MathML
    • The WebSocket protocol has been updated from version 7 to version 8
    • Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox
    • Fixed several stability issues
    • Fixed several security issues

    Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 is available now for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android platforms. Mozilla Firefox 7 can be downloaded from the following link [Offline Installer – Direct Link ]

    Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Standalone) Free Download

    Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer (Standalone) Free Download

    Mozilla Firefox is in the count of most popular web browser and you can now easily get Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer(Standalone) Download free by reading today’s post.

    We are going to share with you importance of Mozilla Firefox offline installer to install this web browser in your PC or computer windows OS. If you download it you will get full package of it and you don’t have need internet to install Mozilla Firefox in your system. That mean you can install as many PC as you want at any time without any working internet connection and you can also share it with your friends also.

    If you are using slow internet or your net connection gets disconnected then your download will be also stopped and then you need to start it from beginning, so you will get frustrated. friends we are now here to solve your problem and providing you Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer.

    Features of the Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer

    Installing Firefox web browser byMozilla Firefox StandaloneOffline Installer Download will be provide you following features.

    Every internet user would like to have a user friendly internet browser in his/her PC, Laptop etc. There are so many browser are available like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera etc. But Mozilla Firefox is also very user friendly, most popular and used. You can add many plugins of windows media player, Picasa, Adobe etc. You can also add extensions of internet download manager (IDM) to manage you downloads.

    Appearance of the Mozilla Firefox can be also changeable according to your choice. It has nice User Interface or UI that is unique and simple. Friends, now there should be no doubt about the superiority of Mozilla Firefox.

    Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer(Standalone) Download

    So friends are you ready to free download Mozilla Firefox Full offlineStandalone installer you just need to click on below link and it will redirect you on official web page where you will see download links with different languages select your required language and operating system i.e. Windows, MAC, Linux.

    Download Standalone (offline) Installer of Latest Version of Firefox

    Download Standalone (offline) Installer of Latest Version of Firefox

    If you’ve got a new computer or want to reinstall Firefox on your already rocking computer, Mozilla only provides the Online Installer at its Firefox homepage. Online Installers are good, except if you really have a limited data plan and want to save on data by keeping the downloaded setup for use in the future. Here’s how to download the complete setup of Firefox.

    Download Offline Setup file of Firefox

    There is no option to download the full installer on the homepage, but the internal pages where all available languages and platforms are listed does provide access to all of the available installer packages of Firefox.

    1. Open Firefox homepage and click on Systems and Languages under the Download Firefox button. Alternatively, you can also click here
    2. On the Fully Localized Versions page, scroll down to the language of your choice.
    3. Click on the Download button in front of your preferred language. The first column includes installer for windows, next comes Mac and finally there’s Linux.
    4. The required file will be served from Mozilla’s CDN. Save it and then run the setup to begin installing Firefox on your PC or Mac.

    You usually only need the offline installer if you wanna store it for later, or if you are going to install it onj multiple computers. What was your reason for choosing the offline installer? Let us know below

    Firefox EOL - s Itself

    Firefox EOL’s Itself

    Computerworld is reporting some very disturbing news. Apparently, Firefox 4 (the browser they shipped 3 months ago) is being retired from security updates. According to Mozilla, version 4 of Firefox has reached the End of Life and they’re now instructing people to download Firefox 5.

    I have a better idea. If they’re going to EOL a 3-month old browser, how about I uninstall Firefox and just download Chrome instead.

    Lots of people are saying that this spells certain doom for Firefox in the corporate environment and that companies will have to switch to IE to maintain stability. I really hope that’s not the case. Versions of IE do tend to stick around…certainly beyond their welcome, and frequently beyond their due date (even Microsoft is asking for help eliminating IE6 from the internet. It’s like the smallpox of internet browsers), and they’ve not always been … uhh, sterling in terms of security.

    I will take this moment to remind you that Chrome is available as an MSI for all of your GPO distribution needs…

    Anyway, if you’re in the boat of having to support Firefox in the enterprise, I feel for you. Let me know what you’re doing to work around this. I know what it’s like, and we can’t afford to spend time testing a full new release every three months.

    Selenium2 firefox: use the default profile - Stack Overflow

    Selenium2 firefox: use the default profile

    Selenium2, by default, starts firefox with a fresh profile. I like that for a default, but for some good reasons (access to my bookmarks, saved passwords, use my add-ons, etc.) I want to start with my default profile.

    There is supposed to be a property controlling this but I think the docs are out of sync with the source, because as far as I can tell webdriver.firefox.bin is the only one that works. E.g. starting selenium with:

    works (i.e. it complains). But this has no effect:

    ("default" is the name in profiles.ini, but I've also tried with "Profile0" which is the name of the section in profiles.ini).

    I'm using PHPWebdriver (which uses JsonWireProtocol) to access:

    I tried doing it from the PHP side:

    with no success (firefox starts, but not using my profile).

    I also tried the hacker's approach of creating a batch file:

    And then starting Selenium with: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.5.0.jar -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin="/usr/local/src/selenium/myfirefox"

    Firefox starts, but not using by default profile and, worse, everything hangs: selenium does not seem able to communicate with firefox when started this way.

    And it refuses to run! Excited, thinking I might be on to something, I tried:

    This does nothing. I.e. it still starts with a new profile :-(