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Chromatic — Chro*mat ic, a. [L. chromaticus, Gr. suited for color, fr. color; akin to. color. skin, color of the skin.] 1. Relating to color, or to colors. [1913 Webster] 2. (Mus.) Proceeding by the smaller intervals (half steps or semitones) of… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

chromatic — [kro mat?ik] adj. [LL chromaticus < Gr chromatikos, suited for color: see CHROMA & ATIC] 1. of color or having color or colors 2. highly colored 3. Biol. readily stained 4. Music a) … English World dictionary

chromatic — > ADJECTIVE 1) Music relating to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key of a passage. 2) (of a scale) ascending or descending by semitones. 3) relating to or produced by colour. ORIGIN Greek khr matikos, from khr ma colour … English terms dictionary

chromatic — англ. [крэмэ/тик] chromatique фр. [кромати/к] chromatisch нем. [хрома/тиш] хроматический … Словарь иностранных музыкальных терминов

chromatic — 1590s (of music), progressing by half tones; 1831 as pertaining to color, from L. chromaticus, from Gk. khromatikos relating to color, suited for color, from khroma (gen. khromatos) color, complexion, character, but also used metaphorically of… … Etymology dictionary

chromatic — Of or pertaining to color or colors; produced by, or made in, a color or colors. * * * chro·mat·ic kro mat ik adj 1) of, relating to, or characterized by color or color phenomena or sensations <chromatic perception> <chromatic… … Medical dictionary

chromatic — [[t]kr?m??t?k[/t]] 1) ADJ In music, chromatic means related to the scale that consists only of semitones. the notes of the chromatic scale. 2) ADJ: usu ADJ n Chromatic means related to colours … English dictionary

chromatic — chro|mat|ic [kr?u?m?t?k, kr? US krou. kr? ] adj [Date: 1400 1500;. Greek; Origin: chromatikos, from chroma skin, color ] 1.) technical related to a musical scale which consists of ^semitones ? a chromatic scale ? chromatic harmonies 2.) formal… … Dictionary of contemporary English

chromatic — adj. 1 of or produced by colour; in (esp. bright) colours. 2 Mus. a of or having notes not belonging to a diatonic scale. b (of a scale) ascending or descending by semitones. Phrases and idioms: chromatic aberration Optics the failure of… … Useful english dictionary

chromatic — I. noun Date: 1708 accidental 2 II. adjective Etymology: Greek chromatikos, from chromat. chroma skin, color, modified tone; akin to Greek chros color Date: 1630 1. a. of or relating to color or color phenomena or sensations b … New Collegiate Dictionary

chromatic — adjective 1? Music relating to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key of a passage.     ?(of a scale) ascending or descending by semitones. 2? relating to or produced by colour. Derivatives chromatically adverb chromaticism … English new terms dictionary


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    Значение слова chroma

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    Chromalaun Chromalaun, Kalichromalaun, Kaliumchromisulfat, schwefelsaures Chromoxydkali Cr2(SO4)3 · K2SO4 + 24H2O, ein wasserhaltiges Doppelsalz von.

    Chromalpapier Chromalpapier. – Wird photographisches Bromsilbergelatinepapier mit Indoxyl oder Thioindoxyl entwickelt, so lagert sich hierbei Indigo oder.

    Chromartikel Chromartikel, s. Zeugdruck.

    Chromate Chromate, s.v.w. Chromsauresalze (s.d.).

    Chromalaun Chromalaun (Kalichromalaun, schwefelsaures Chromorydkali) Cr23SO4K2SO4+24H2O, entsteht aus einer mit Schwefelsaure versetzten Losung von.

    Chromasciameter Chromasciameter (griech.), von Holmgren konstruierter Apparat zur Prufung des Farbensinnes durch Kontrastfarben (farbige Schatten); ahnlich ist.

    Chromat-Photographieverfahren Chromat-Photographieverfahren, photographische Verfahren, die auf der Lichtempfindlichkeit der Chromsauresalze beruhen, wie Lichtdruck.

    Chromate Chromate, soviel wie Chromsauresalze, z. B. Kaliumchromat, chromsaures Kali.

    Chroma Chroma (grch.), Farbe.

    Chromate Chromate, die Salze der Chromsaure (s. Chrom).

    Chromatik Chrom?tik (grch.), s.v.w. Farbenlehre.

    Chromatisch Chrom?tisch (grch.), farbig, gef?rbt, in der Musik der Fortschritt in halben T?nen; eine derartig fortgef?hrte l?ngere Tonreihe hei?t chromatische.

    Chromatisch Chromatisch, s. Tonarten, Tonleitern.

    Chroma Chroma, griech. Farbe, in medic. Hinsicht die Hautfarbe.

    Chromatik Chromatik, in der Physik der Theil der Optik, der sich mit der Entstehung der Farben, deren Verhaltnissen u.s.w. beschaftigt, Farbenlehre; in der.

    Chromatotrop Chromatotrop (griech. Farbenwandler), Vorrichtung, vermittelst deren man ein Stuckchen Kalk durch das Knallgeblase zum Gluhen erhitzt und dessen.

    chroma chroma, atis u. atos, n. (?????), I) die Farbe der Haut, chroma facere, sich Farbe verschaffen (indem man sich der Sonne aussetzt), Porphyr.

    chromatiarius chromatiarius, i, m. (chroma no. I), der sich (dadurch, da? er sich der Sonne aussetzt) Farbe zu verschaffen sucht (auch colorarius gen.).

    chromatice chromatice, es, f. s. chroma.

    chromaticus chromaticus, a, um, s. chroma.

    Chromasie f = физ. хромазия (цветорассеивание)

    Chromat n -(e)s, -e хим. соль хромовой кислоты, хромат

    Chromatdruck m -(e)s, -e хромолитография, многокрасочная литография

    Chromatiden pl биол. хроматиды

    CHROMATE. s. m. T. de Chimie. Nom generique des sels composes d'acide chromique et d'une base quelconque. Chromate de chaux, de fer, etc. Le chromate.

    CHROMATIQUE. adj. des deux genres T. de Musique. Qui procede par plusieurs semi-tons de suite. Chromatique en montant. Chromatique en descendant. Gamme.

    chromage m хромирование

    chromate m хромат, соль хромовой кислоты

    chromatique adj 1) муз. хроматический gamme chromatique — хроматическая гамма 2) цветной, цветовой 3).

    chroma chroma, atis n. (греч.) муз. хроматическая гамма Vtr

    chromatice chromatice, es f. (греч.) хроматика, учение о хроматической гамме Vtr

    chromaticus chromaticus, a, um [ chroma ] хроматический (genus musicae Vtr, Macr)

    chroma noun Etymology: Greek chroma Date: circa 1889 1. saturation 4a 2. a quality of color combining hue and saturation

    chroma-key noun Date: 1974 a photographic compositing technique based on the separation of colors in the original images; especially blue screen

    chromaffin adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary chrom- + Latin affinis bordering on, related — more at affinity Date: 1903 staining.

    chromat- or chromato- combining form Etymology: Greek chromat-, chroma 1. color 2. chromatin

    chromaffin Giving a brownish yellow reaction with chromic salts; denoting certain cells in the medulla of the adrenal glands and in paraganglia. SYN.

    chromaffinoma A neoplasm composed of chromaffin cells occurring in the medullae of adrenal glands, the organs of Zuckerkandl, or the paraganglia of the.

    chromaffinopathy Obsolete term for any pathologic condition of chromaffin tissue, as in the medullae of adrenal glands or the organs of Zuckerkandl. [ chromaffin +.

    chroman, chromane Fundamental unit of the tocopherols (vitamin E). SEE ALSO: chromanol, chromene, chromenol.

    chromaffin tissue Tissue in medulla of adrenal gland containing two populations of cells, one producing adrenaline, the other noradrenaline. The catecholamine is.

    chromatic aberration When using white light through a lens system, it is inevitable that different wave-lengths (colours) are brought to a focus at slightly different.

    chromatid Single chromosome containing only one DNA duplex. Two daughter chromatids become visible at mitotic metaphase, though they are present throughout.

    chroma /kroh"meuh/, n. 1. the purity of a color, or its freedom from white or gray. 2. intensity of distinctive hue; saturation of a color. [1885-90; _спец. насыщенность цвета

    chromate chromate 1> _хим. хромат, соль хромовой кислоты

    chromatic chromatic 1> _спец. хроматический; цветной _Ex: chromatic accent хроматическое.

    chromaticism chromaticism 1> _муз. хроматизм, хроматика

    chromatic chromatic adj. 1) цветной - chromatic printing 2) mus. хроматический -chromatic scale

    chromatic printing chromatic printing цветная печать

    chromatic scale chromatic scale хроматическая гамма

    Chromatic Harmonica Lessons

    Chromatic Harmonica Lessons: Main Page

    Chromatic Harmonica Instruction Includes:

    "How to Improvise"

    "40 Scales"

    "Chicago Blues Style"

    "Chromatic on Diatonics"

    "Hole/Note Layouts"

    "Repairs & Cleaning"

    'Jam-To' MIDI Files (65)

    "Terms & Definitions"

    • The chromatic harmonica defined - The chromatic harmonica has a button on the right side which when NOT pressed in, allows you to play a standard major scale in the key of the chromatic (typically, the key of "C"), and with the button depressed, gives you all the half-steps or notes in between. This creates a 12-note chromatic scale (all the notes possible in Western Culture music -- like the white and black keys of the piano) and allows you to play any type of scale, in all 12 keys. It is typically used in jazz and classical music, but is found in all styles of music. Click here if you need to purchase a chromatic harmonica.

    10, 12, and 16-hole chromatic harmonicas (harps).

  • "Solo" tuning - Almost all chromatic harmonicas use what is referred to as "solo" tuning for the hole/note layout. The solo tuning is based on a repeating 4 hole pattern with the blow notes being [ C E G C ] and the draw notes being [ D F A B ]. A twelve hole, 3 octave chromatic would have this pattern repeat 3 times. This is different than the standard diatonic hole/note layout which is referred to as the Richter Tuning.

  • Every set of 4 holes is an identical note layout - A complete "C" Major Scale is found starting on holes 1, 5, and 9 (and hole 13 on the 16-hole chromatics). The pattern is identical if you start on any of these notes for scales and/or songs.

  • More on "C E G C" and "D F A B" [Pronounced "SEG-SEE" and "DEE-FAB"] - Every set of 4 holes will give you "C E G C" on the blow holes and "D F A B" on the draw notes. For instance, if "C" is found on holes 1 and 5 blow, then "G" will be found on holes 3 and 7 blow.

  • Middle "C" - Middle "C" on the 10 and 12 hole chromatics is found on hole 1 blow. Middle "C" on the 16 hole chromatic is found on hole 5 blow (hole 4 blow is the same).

  • How come there are 2 identical blow notes next to each other? - This is a direct result of the "solo tuning" (read above for more info) found on standard chromatics. Double "C" notes are found on an standard key of "C" chromatic harp at holes 4, 5 blow and 8, 9 blow (also holes 12, 13 on a 16 hole chromatic). For a clear illustration of this, take a look at the chromatic harmonica hole/note layouts page.

  • Bending notes on a chromatic harmonica - Because of it's physical design (the added windsaver valves in particular), bending doesn't work nearly as well on the chromatic as it does on the diatonic harmonica (most notes on a chromatic harmonica will bend about a half-step). You can't obtain the same bending effect, but you also do not need to learn to bend in order to play a complete chromatic scale or sophisticated melodies. All notes on a chromatic harmonica will bend anywhere from a quarter-step to a half-step. You will get some bending effect, but nothing like what is possible when bending on a standard diatonic harmonica.

    AUDIO: "Chromatic Harmonica vs. Diatonic"

    Comparing the two harmonicas including a key of "G" blues scale on a "C" diatonic and a "C" chromatic.

  • Reading music and song tab for the chromatic - The chromatic harmonica (or harp) Hole/Note Layout. sometimes referred to as "Solo" tuning, is similar to the diatonic hole layout (referred to as "Richter" tuning), but not the same, so song tablature is different. Many accomplished chromatic players are able to read standard music notation which eliminates the need for song tab. Reading standard music notation makes more sense and is easier on the chromatic harmonica than on the diatonic, but it is not required to read music to play songs or improvise with a chromatic. See our song tabs for chromatic harmonica .

  • The chromatic is mostly used for jazz, classical, and pop music - The chromatic harmonica is typically used in jazz, classical, pop, and music where the melodies require more than a 7-note major or minor scale (like on a standard diatonic harmonica). A classic example of where a chromatic would be required is the movie theme song to "Midnight Cowboy". The original theme to "Sesame Street" was also played on a chromatic.

  • The chromatic harmonica is also found in Chicago Blues styles - Many Chicago blues stylists also integrate chromatic along side their diatonic playing by a using a chromatic harmonica version of 3rd Position with tongue blocking techniques and an over-driven mic and amp sound to create a big, fat "organ-esque" tone unique to blues and chromatic harmonica. Learn more about the Chicago blues chromatic style .

    A 16-hole chromatic harmonica is commonly used for the 3rd Position blues style.

  • Playing songs vs. improvising - Both aspects of playing music on chromatic harmonica are highly recommended, but if you are strictly a "melody" type person and have no interest in improvising to songs, by all means stick with playing songs. But, if you have never tried using a scale to make up your own melodies and riffs, you should give it a try. It's easier to do than many people believe. Click here for information on How to Improvise .

  • How to play in different keys - The short answer in regards to improvising is to learn the musical scales in all 12 keys (or at least in the keys that you want to play in). If for instance you wanted to play blues in the keys of "G", "A", "C", "D", and "E", you would need to learn the blues scales in those keys and then of course, practice a lot with them. If you are interested in reading music and playing songs, then the issue is moot because the sheet music is already in a specific key. This key is usually the same as the original song or recording, but not always. More on How to Improvise .

  • People who play the chromatic harmonica/Recommended listening - Stevie Wonder, Toots Thielemans, and Larry Adler are three of the best known players of this instrument. The 40's and 50's were the heyday of the 'Harmonica Bands' (like the "Harmonicats" and "Harmonica Rascals") and were usually led by a chromatic harmonica player. Numerous players primarily known for their diatonic playing may also use the chromatic from time to time (i.e. Little Walter, Norton Buffalo, Charlie McCoy, James Cotton, and others). Click here for some recommended chromatic harmonica CDs .

  • "Advanced Topics & Chromatic Harmonica" Discussion Forum - If you have particular questions or problems that weren't answered here in the Chromatic Harmonica section, or would like to discuss chromatic harmonica with others, visit our Discussion Forums and take a look around and/or start a new post.

  • Discussion Forum posts on Chromatic - As always, our Discussion Forums have great additional information. Take a look at the "Chromatic Harmonica" heading found near the bottom of the INDEX TO POPULAR TOPICS & POSTS forum post for a list of forum posts with questions and answers involving chromatic harmonica.

  • Chromatic Aberration

    Chromatic Aberration

    Новости от Dark Media Group. 14-й номер субкультурного журнала "Бункер".

    Раздел “персона” рассказал о писателе Сергее Слободчикове, а рубрика “тусовка” поведала о юбилейном туре легендарной группы Extreme. Туровой дневник этого номера посвящен Флоренции.

    Уже традиционно, на обложке диска можно найти фото различных альтернативных моделей, моделью этого номера стала Анжелика Чернышева.

    На точках распространения 14-й номер журнала появится в течение января / февраля этого года.

    PDF-версия номера, как всегда, доступна в разделе архивных выпусков официального сайта журнала: http://bunkermagazine.ru/arhiv.php

    Субкультурный журнал "Бункер" является одним из немногих бесплатно распространяемых изданий в России и СНГ, ориентированных на молодежные субкультуры и искусство. Девиз журнала: "неформатное чтиво для тех, кто не хочет жить по формату!"

    Распространяется журнал "Бункер" через партнёрскую сеть музыкальных магазинов и клубов в более, чем 60-ти городах России, а также почтовой рассылкой по предварительной подписке.

    Chroma - WARFRAME Wiki

    Aura Polarity

    This is Chroma, an ancient legend, master of the elements.

    When all the land is in ruins, Tenno, only Chroma will remain.

    Release Date: March 19, 2015

    The bestial avatar of the primal forces of nature, Chroma , confounds his foes and strengthens his allies with elemental caprice. Chroma awoke in Update 16.

    Elemental Alignment Edit Abilities Edit
    • This ability can come in handy when used as a form of Crowd Control and can both be used as a damage ability, or with Heat or Electricity elemental damage creating a continuous crowd control stun.
    • This ability can be used to resist knockdowns, making it useable for walking through corpus laser doors or shockwaves caused by MOA or death orbs.
    • Rolling can be used to counteract the movement speed reduction and cover a large area in a short period of time.
    • Having a Limbo with a high duration build on your team can be very useful, as Spectral Scream will be able to damage all enemies even while Chroma is in the rift. With a build with maximum efficiency, this will also cause Spectral Scream to cost no energy to use, while actually gaining energy at a minute rate.

    Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

    6.98 meters.
  • Maximized Power Efficiency reduces activation cost to 2.5 energy and channeling cost to 0.75 energy per second.
  • Maximized Power Range increases cone length to 13.3 meters.
    • Reduces damage to 80 per second.
  • Maximized Power Strength increases damage to 568 per second.
    • Increases activation cost to 15.5 energy and channeling cost to 5.25 energy per second.
  • Chroma Squad в Steam

    New update with controller support and a bunch of other things!

    Hey folks! What a pleasure to give you this update 1.072. The game was incredible well received by the community, with more than 50 thousand downloads and 97% positive user ratings. This is awesome! We're really glad that you all liked the game.

    But we want to go further with it. We've fixed every bug that annoyed the community and we also added some new things, like partial Controller Support, so you can enjoy playing the game in Big Picture mode. _o\ \o/ /o_

    Here is the list of fixes and improvements:

    - Now in Unity 5! Everything working smoothly \o/

    - Hid mouse cursor when not in players round and character is acting

    - Fixed same character appearing on studio's background

    - Fixed invisibility attack bonus

    - Fixed unwanted white cells staying in the scene

    - Health percentage on HUD

    - Better feedback for fast forwarding

    - Performance Optimization and better Loading time

    - Removed fps hiccup when creating a new game

    - Load balloon texts on loading screen, improved loading time and reduce hiccups during episode

    - Localization fixed and updated

    - Touch Input improvements

    - Fixed problem on missing buttons for Mobile (touch based input)

    - Removed resolutions configs in Settings Screen for Mobile platforms

    About Chromatec

    About Chromatec

    Chromatec is the recognized leader in the development and manufacture of gas chromatographic products in Russia. 30-years experienced team successfully works and develops in the analytical instruments market.


    • Development and production of analytical instruments
    • Installation, service and trainings
    • Key solutions and application support
    • Laboratory GC and GC-MS systems Chromatec-Crystal series.
    • Wide range of supplementary GC products
    • Process GC systems
    • Petroleum analyzers
    • NMR-analyzers

    Name of the company CHROMATEC comes from the words CHROMAT ography and EC ology.

    The company was established in 1991 by group of engineers experienced in gas chromatographic field. Chromatec team aims to satisfy customers' expectations by creating top quality products and services, providing key solutions in various applications, widening product portfolio, constant improving results. Thanks to such activity for many years Chromatec became one of the leaders in gas chromatography on Russian and CIS market.

    Company today

    Nowadays Chromatec has above 300 skilled engineers, researchers and production workers of different types. Owing to close collaboration of designers, technologists, programmers, service and production personnel we permanently develop our company, improve quality of products and services.

    Company is located in three own buildings occupying area over 12200 m 2. There are offices, R&D center, service support, manufacturing facilities.

    R&D center includes a row of laboratories which provide:

    • Designing of mechanical parts, hardware and software for produced instruments
    • Instruments research and testing
    • Application support and development

    Chromatec manufacturing facilities include:

    • High level of knowledge in gas chromatography
    • Total quality control
    • Versatile process machinery facilities including computer numerical control (CNC) lathes and mills, blanking and bending machines, laser-welding apparatus
    • Highly precise measuring machines and metal quality control instruments
    • Soldering facilities for automatic electronic boards assembling
    • Testing laboratory

    Chromatec is committed to the highest quality of the products, that's why Chromatec production facilities are equipped with a wide range of machines capable to make products from the ground up.

    Thanks to these facilities Chromatec gained a capability to produce and keep on perfect quality of parts, assemblies and whole instruments, furthermore to guarantee accuracy and precise of data obtained by its instruments from one to another.

    ISO 9001 Quality System is fully implemented throughout each of the stage: development, manufacture and service of products.

    Chromatec became the first among Russian manufacturers in development of many high-technological products for GC market.

    • Autosampler AS-2M
    • Oven cooling system for GC
    • GC-MS system
    • Two-stage thermal desorber
    • Two-stage gas reducer
    • Autosampler AS-2M (3D)

    Strategic partnership with world-wide companies Thermo Scientific Inc, SGE Analytical Science, DANI Instruments S.p.A. in gas chromatography enables Chromatec to extend GC performances dramatically and makes Chromatec-Crystal products competitive to worldwide manufacturers.

    Our strategy is to create national products meeting world leaders level.

    • Our core aim is to satisfy completely customer’s demands by permanent refining of present products and development of new up-to-date products.
    • Products and services quality has the highest priority.
    • We are convinced the solidary team of the company is a guarantee of success and development.
    • It is high level engineering processes and manufacturing facilities automation that underlies excellent quality of serial products.

    Our main customers

    • Gas and petroleum industry : OSC GAZPROM, OSC Rosneft, OSC TNK-BP, OSC Surgutgasprom, OSC Lucoil, many petroleum refineries and fuels quality control labs etc.
    • Chemistry: OSC Kazanorgsintez, OSC Shcekinoazot, OSC Ufaorgsintez, OSC Permnefteorgsintez etc.
    • Forensic and Medicine : Ministry of Public Health and Social Development, Forensic labs and Forensic Medicine labs, Federal Drugs Control Service, Forensic Science Centers
    • Ecology and food control: Hygienic and Epidemiological Centers, Water Services Companies, Centre of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Metrology etc.
    • Parmaceutics: OSC Verofarm, JSC Moscow Pharmaceutical factory

    Please download a catalogue of our products here …

    Chordino and NNLS Chroma

    NNLS Chroma

    System identifier – vamp:nnls-chroma:nnls-chroma

    General Description

    NNLS Chroma analyses a single channel of audio using frame-wise spectral input from the Vamp host. The plugin was originally developed to extract treble and bass chromagrams for subsequent use in chord extraction methods. The spectrum is transformed to a log-frequency spectrum (constant-Q) with three bins per semitone. On this representation, two processing steps are performed:

    * tuning, after which each centre bin (i.e. bin 2, 5, 8, …) corresponds to a semitone, even if the tuning of the piece deviates from 440 Hz standard pitch.

    The processed log-frequency spectrum is then used as an input for NNLS approximate transcription (using a dictionary of harmonic notes with geometrically decaying harmonics magnitudes). The output of the NNLS approximate transcription is semitone-spaced. To get the chroma, this semitone spectrum is multiplied (element-wise) with the desired profile (chroma or bass chroma) and then mapped to 12 bins. The resulting chroma frames can be normalised by (dividing by) their norm (L1, L2 and maximum norm available).


    The default settings (in brackets, below) are those used for Matthias Mauch’s 2010 MIREX submissions.

    Suggested Parameter Settings
    • generic pop song:
      • use approximate transcription (NNLS): on
      • spectral roll-on: 1.0%
      • tuning mode: global tuning
      • spectral whitening: 1.0
      • spectral shape: 0.7
    • solo harpsichord:
      • use approximate transcription (NNLS): on
      • spectral roll-on: 1.0%
      • tuning mode: global tuning
      • spectral whitening: 0.4
      • spectral shape: 0.9
    • generic pop song (quick and dirty):
      • use approximate transcription (NNLS): off
      • spectral roll-on: 1.0%
      • tuning mode: global tuning
      • spectral whitening: 1.0
      • spectral shape: (doesn't matter: no NNLS)