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Как удалить NewTab Connect из компьютера

Как удалить NewTab Connect (рекламное ПО)

Что такое NewTab Connect

Скачать утилиту для удаления NewTab Connect

Удалить NewTab Connect вручную

Удалить NewTab Connect из Google Chrome Информация об угрозе


Способ заражения NewTab Connect

NewTab Connect устанавливается на ваш компьютер вместе с бесплатными программами. Этот способ можно назвать "пакетная установка". Бесплатные программы предлагают вам установить дополнительные модули (NewTab Connect). Если вы не отклоните предложение установка начнется в фоне. NewTab Connect копирует свои файлы на компьютер. Обычно это файл (randomname).crx. Иногда создается ключ автозагрузки с именем NewTab Connect и значением (randomname).crx. Вы также сможете найти угрозу в списке процессов с именем (randomname).crx или NewTab Connect. также создается папка с названием NewTab Connect в папках C:\Program Files\ или C:\ProgramData. После установки NewTab Connect начинает показывать реламные баннеры и всплывающую рекламу в браузерах. рекомендуется немедленно удалить NewTab Connect.

Скачайте программу SpyHunter от Enigma Software Group LLC

Скачайте эту продвинутую утилиту для удаления NewTab Connect и (randomname).crx (загрузка начнется немедленно):

*SpyHunter был разработан компанией EnigmaSoftware и может удалить NewTab Connect автоматически. Протестирован нами на Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 и Windows 10. Триальная версия SpyHunter предоставляет функцию обнаружения угрозы NewTab Connect бесплатно .

Функции SpyHunter 4

Удаляет файлы созданные NewTab Connect.

Удаляет ключи реестра созданные NewTab Connect.

Активируйте активную защиту для предотвращения заражения.

Решите побочные проблемы с браузерами (реклама, перенаправления).

Удаление гарантировано - если SpyHunter не справляется обратитесь за бесплатной поддержкой.

Тех. поддержка в режиме 24/7 включена в предложение.

Поделитесь если помогло!

Скачайте Stronghold AntiMalware от Security Stronghold LLC

Скачайте антивирусные сканер способный удалить NewTab Connect и (randomname).crx (загрузка начнется немедленно):

Функции Stronghold Antimalware

Удаляет файлы созданные NewTab Connect.

Удаляет ключи реестра созданные NewTab Connect.

Устраняет браузерные проблемы.

"Утилита для удаления тулбаров" поможет избавиться от нежелательных дополнений.

Удаление гарантировано - если Stronghold AntiMalware не справляется обратитесь за бесплатной поддержкой.

Тех. поддержка в режиме 24/7 и 5 часов удаленной поддержки GoToAssist включены в предложение.

Наша служба тех. поддержки удалит NewTab Connect прямо сейчас!

Обратитесь в нашу службу технической поддержки с проблемой связанной с NewTab Connect. Опишите все обстоятельства заражения NewTab Connect и его последствия. Команда предоставит вам варианты решения этой проблемы бесплатно в течении нескольких часов.

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    Newtab chrome

    NewTab Redirect! Google Chrome Extension

    disclaimer: Google and Google Chrome are trademarks of Google, Inc. NewTab Redirect! is an extension for Google Chrome

    Sets a custom URL to load in new tabs. Choose from:

    • Chrome's about pages
    • NewTab
    • Extensions
    • Downloads
    • History
    • Popular URLs
    • Your own URL

    Your custom tab can also be a local file, allowing you to create your own new tab page. Saving blank text will cause your new tab to be about:blank.

    Files can begin with: file:\\. file://. and file:///

    Important: This is not meant to replace your homepage, only new tabs. If your browser is set to load the New Tab page as your homepage, there may be odd consequences.

    Omnibar support

    If you use the built-in New Tab Redirect Apps page, you will be able to type directly into the omnibar. If you use a custom url, the architecture of the extension can not allow for focusing or clearing of the omnibar.

    Google Chrome extensions do not currently have access to interact with the omnibar for highlighting after the new page is created. There is an experimental API to retrieve values and detect user input in the omnibar, but it does not allow extensions to highlight the text. I've tested version 1.0.1 of New Tab Redirect! across numerous developer builds, and the cursor only occasionally ends at the end of the omnibar. However, this is handled by Chrome itself and can not be modified via the extension. As soon as Chrome offers this functionality, I will implement it. Until then, it is possible to use CTRL+L to quickly highlight the omnibar.

    "Can I purchase your extension?"

    Absolutely not.

    I get emails asking this question at least once a week. This extension is not now, nor will it ever be, for sale. I've turned down offers between $100 and $50,000: I'm obviously not kidding about this so please don't continuously pester me and waste my free time.

    First of all, this extension is released under the MIT license. You are basically free to release this extension under a different name and of course provide attribution to me in some way. This extension will always be 100% free and open source in this way. You'll be starting your user base at 0, that's just how it works.

    Secondly, the only reason people have asked to purchase this extension is because it has nearly a million regular users. Many developers are looking for some quick cash and attempt to purchase very popular extensions so they can secretly add anonymous data gathering, injected ads, or some other third-party code. I don't like that crap in extensions I use, why would I want it in an extension I've created? I respect my users far too much to allow for this kind of shady business to happen to my extension. Again, I'm not joking. I've discovered an extension I loved silently sending every visited page to a third-part marketing firm. I immediately reported that extension to Google and it was removed from the web store within two hours.

    I don't need supplemental income, so don't ask to purchase the extension or try to get me to include your code with my code. If you want to contribute, that's fine, but I will absolutely never include code that sends or receives data anywhere other than syncing with the user's Google Account.

    Lastly, the only way to sell you my extension with all those coveted users would be to relinquish the rights to my Google Account (james.schubert@gmail.com ). This account is about 90% of my online identity, so that will obviously never happen. I realize it's possible to jump through hoops with Google to transfer ownership, but that's not something I'm willing to do. Sorry, it's as simple as that. If I'm wrong and transferring ownership also transfers users, I frankly don't care.

    To summarize: the extension is not for sale

    No affiliation with Google!

    I am not affiliated with Google or Google Chrome.

    Google Chrome is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.

    If I have some free time, I don't mind answering questions related to other issues you're having with Google Chrome (outside of the New Tab Redirect extension). I don't have a lot of free time, though.

    NewTab Redirect is released under the MIT license. NewTab Redirect was previously hosted on Google Projects under GPLv3 license. You may not redistribute this software without proper attribution.

    Chrome New Tab - Альтернативы - развлекательный портал

    »Chrome New Tab - Альтернативы

    Как вы знаете уже давно в браузере Google Chrome разработчики поменяли интерфейс стартовой страницы. Частo посещаемые сайты уже занимают очень мало местa в новом интерфейсе. Теперь здесь большой логотип Google. внизу большая форма поиска. а в верхнем правом углу инструменты Google +. До последнего времени был один способ вернуть старую вкладку. но после обновления браузера этот способ уже устарел и больше не работал. Нам остается либо привыкнуть и использовать такую новую вкладку. либо использовать сторонние решения. В этом посте я выбрал самые подходящие приложение для стартовой страницы Хрома .

    Speed Dial 2

    Speed Dial 2 позволяет нам самостоятельно ставить любой сайт на стартовую страницу. Также можно выбрать фоновую картинку. изменят размеры картинок сайтов, а также управлять количеством сайтов на стартовой странице.

    Awesome New Tab Page 2(EXT)

    Похожий на Speed Dial 2 расширения Awesome New Tab Page 2(EXT) предоставляет нам боле обширные функции. Здесь по умолчанию есть очень много популярных сайтов. но вы можете добавить свои. На вверху есть поисковая строка. а внизу таб приложений .

    IOS 7 New Tab Plus(Ext)

    После установки этого расширения стартовая страница вашего браузера будет очень похожим интерфейса iOS 7 .Для того. чтобы поставить фоновую картинку или добавить сайт вам надо нажать на кнопку settings внизу. Чтобы удалить сайт надо нажать и удержать мышкой. в общем все как в ios 7. Единственный минус в том (помимо убогого дизайна ), что добавить любой сайт нельзя. например Ябби. Есть специальный раздел App Store для сайтов. откуда можно выбрать сайт (зато там есть все популярные сайты). и ваш сайт будет отображаться на странице .

    Modern New Tab Page

    А после установки этого расширения ваш хром будет очень похожим на плиточный интерфейс windows 8 .Здесь спокойно можно добавить новые сайты. удалить старые. изменить местоположение и размеры. А еще есть одна крутая функция. Можно написать ссылку на RSS поток. и последние обновления из этого сайта вы уведите прямо на стартовой странице

    new metroTab

    Разработчики new metroTab тоже вдохновились новым плиточным интерфейсом windows 8. Здесь тоже такие функций. даже RSS тут тоже есть. только дизайн чуточку другой .

    Если на стартовой странице вы не хотите увидеть плиточный windows 8 и разноцветные как радуга ios 7. то Currently именно для вас. Здесь нет ничего. ни сайтов. ни список приложений .Вместо этого здесь самое важное. время и погода. Вот так. просто и красиво .

    Fruumo - New Tab Page

    Если вам помимо времени и погоды все же нужны часто посещаемые сайты. то ваш выбор Fruumo - New Tab Page. Здесь все не так красиво и минималистично. как в Currently. но зато здесь функций гораздо больше .Здесь тоже отображается время и погода. в центре есть поисковая строка. а внизу часто посещаемые сайты. Внизу сайтов есть специальный таб. где отображается уведомление от facebook и gmail. Также тут есть RSS который надо включить в настройках.

    New Tab Page

    Очень похож на сервис Google Now. Здесь есть поиск google. часто посещаемые сайты. погода. установленные приложения и новости от Google News

    Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page

    В принципе это обычный. но доработанный Speed Dial. Это единственная стартовая страница в 3D .Как и все. Speed Dial [FVD] тоже отображает часто посещаемые сайты, также можно добавить сайты вручную. Можно изменить фоновую картинку. легко кастомизировать сайты. а также включить синхронизацию .

    Хотя и называется это расширение iChrome. но никакого отношения не имеет с экосистемой i. Здесь информация собирается на основе виджетов .По умолчанию есть много полезных виджетов. как например погода. новости. RSS поток. Google Analytics и многое другое .Минус iChrome в том. что вам надо вручную установить это расширения как стартовая страница .Для этого вам надо еще и установить это и с помощью этого поставить ссылку стартовой страницы (chrome-extension://oghkljobbhapacbahlneolfclkniiami/index.html). Одним словом УЖАС.

    New Tab Reloaded

    Ну и последнее. но лично для меня самое важное - New Tab Reloaded. Расширение New Tab Reloaded воссоздает оригинальный вид начальной вкладки, а точнее блок с часто посещаемыми сайтами. Выглядит и работает это почти так же, как и раньше. К сожалению, не хватает подвкладки с приложениями. Я вам лично рекомендую это

    10 Great New Tab Page Extensions For Google Chrome

    10 Great New Tab Page Extensions For Google Chrome

    Chrome’s New Tab page offers little by way of customization; it’s split into two or more screens (depending on how many apps you have installed), and accommodates everything from the bookmarks bar, recently closed tabs, a link to the web store, and of course, the speed dial. Apart from the websites that appear in the speed dial, there is nothing for the user to customize. That said, the page is still sufficiently equipped to meets most people’s expectations from a modern browser. For anyone who wants more features, there exists a large choice of extensions that change the new tab page. Some improve the layout and increase the grid size of the speed dial, while others add useful widgets for weather and time, and there are still others that revamp the new tab page entirely, giving users a totally different experience. In what follows, we’ll take a look at our collection of the 10 best new tab page extensions for Google Chrome.

    New Tab Page

    Google Now is a very popular feature on Android; the card-like information it shows is both useful and well designed. New Tab Page is a Chrome extension that modifies the new tab page to make it appear more like Google Now. It adds widgets for weather, news, a Google search bar, and a linear speed dial to replace the normal grid one.

    new metroTab

    Windows  8 has received mixed reception from Windows users, with many sticking to Windows 7 until things get better with Windows 8.1 and the return of the start button. That doesn’t mean that the Modern UI isn’t good or has been shunned by everyone; it’s actually really great, and New MetroTab brings it to Chrome, turning your new tab page into something like the Windows 8 Start Screen, complete with live tiles. You can add and group as many websites as you want, and launch them quickly from their respective tiles, customize the theme and background, get live notifications on tiles for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Outlook, as well as integrated SkyDrive and Weather tiles, your own profile, and much more.

    Fruumo gives you a much simpler new tab page; the speed dial grid is replaced with a filmstrip-like one, you don’t have to swipe to another page to access your apps, and you get to see the time and weather on a nice, calming background.

    With Google Reader gone, apps, services, and extensions have been popping up left and right to give its users alternatives. Onefeed is a Chrome extension that not only adds your RSS feed to the new tab page, but also allows you to view your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ feeds there. It’s just a regular new tab page in other aspects, with a news reader integrated in its great UI.

    Incredible StartPage

    One of the hardest things to do when you re-invent the new tab page is to accommodate bookmarks on it. Most extensions only accommodate your installed Chrome apps, some make room for an extensions manager, and quite a few add a widget or two. Incredible StartPage not only adds your bookmarks in an easy to browse list, but also lets you make notes, and open your recently closed as well as most visited websites.

    If you don’t use the functionality offered by the new tab page, chances are you wouldn’t use it in a conventional replacement either. So, how about having useful widgets on it that just show you information, while still keeping the original new tab page accessible for the times when you would end up needing it? If that’s what you’d prefer, Currently is the extension for you. It replaced everything on the new tab page with a large clock and weather forecast for five days. You can modify the background color, choose the units for the temperature, and hide the ticking seconds from the clock. At the bottom-right, there is a grid button, clicking which instantly takes you back to the original new tab page.

    Knew Tab – New Tab Page

    Knew Tab makes the new tab page informative, and not just by adding a time and weather widget to it. It adds notifications for Facebook and Gmail, live news, and a notepad. Your apps are all shown at the bottom of the page and when you click ‘Your Apps’, you are taken back to the original new tab page. The extension also adds a notepad to the page, lets you can customize the background color, and also shows you stock information once you add a stock from the extension’s options.

    Humble New Tab Page

    Humble New Tab Page gives users a simple, clean-looking and minimal new tab page, while actually providing more features than most other options. The extension lets you access your bookmarks, frequently visited websites, apps, recently added bookmarks, and recently closed tabs. There’s also a weather widget, and you can select which of these items appear on the new tab page from the extension’s settings.  It comes preloaded with lots of color themes and if you don’t like any of them, you can even create your own, or even use CSS to customize the new tab page’s appearance.

    Home – New Tab Page

    If you like your installed Chrome apps to be given center stage on the new tab page, Home – New Tab Page is the extension for you. In addition, it gives you live notifications for Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Twitter, and Google Calendar. The apps you’ve installed are all listed on the right, you can customize the background and choose how often the extension checks for new notifications. It also comes with a notepad and weather widget.

    Tiles is an extension that is all speed dial. Unlike other extensions that populate the speed dial by analyzing your browsing history, the extensions asks you to manually add them. This means you will have to set the extension up before you can actually use it. Websites appear as large tiles with any two letters that you choose to represent the website, making each tile look like a part of the Periodic table. The URL of each site appears at the bottom of its tile, and both tile colors and tab background are customizable.

    So, do you prefer using the default new tab page or one modified by an extension? Got your own favorite new tab page extension that we missed out in this list? Do share it with us and our readers in the comments below.

    Google Chrome New Tab

    Google Chrome New Tab

    In this tutorial we discuss about how to open a new tab in Google Chrome, how to duplicate the tab and features that Google Chrome has to close tabs.

    How to Open New Tabs in Google Chrome

    When you open a new tab, Google Chrome preloads it with useful information. With one click, you can get to the web resources you use most often. There are several methods you can use to open a New Tab in Google Chrome. The asiest way to open a New Tab page is to just click the + icon next to the last tab at the top of your broswer window.

    How to Close Tabs in Google Chrome Close Other tabs

    Close all the other tabs open in the Google Chrome browser except the current tab.

    Close Tabs to the Right

    If you have opened many tabs in Google Chrome, and need to close one section of tabs, you can use this feature.

    Close Tabs Opened by this Tab

    9 Ways to Customise the New Tab Page in Chrome

    9 Ways to Customise the New Tab Page in Chrome

    Chrome’s new tab page is serviceable, but a bit boring. Whether you’re looking for a nice background for your new tab page or want to easily create your own visual bookmarks, add custom widgets, and view live information such as the weather or updates from your social networks, we’ve got a list of ways to make Chrome’s new tab page your own.

    Unfortunately, many new tab page replacements don’t have the useful “Recently closed” and “Other devices” options that appear at the bottom of Chrome’s default new tab page, allowing you to reopen closed tabs and open tabs from other devices you’re signed into Chrome on. To reopen a closed tab without using this menu, you can always press Ctrl+Shift+T .

    Install Chrome Themes

    If you just want a new background, install one of the themes for Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store. You can also create your own Chrome themes with Google’s My Chrome Theme app. Themes can add backgrounds to your new tab page, giving it more color and personality. We’ve previously covered some beautiful Chrome themes .

    Currently stands out among new tab page replacements. Most new tab page replacements are cluttered with options and brightly-colored links to websites. Currently goes in the other direction, offering a more minimal experience. Currently shows the current time and weather on your new tab page — that’s all it does. You’re free to customize the colors, but you can’t add links to websites. If you do want to see links to your favorite websites, you can click the button at the bottom-right corner of Currently’s new tab page to access the standard new tab page.

    Speed Dial 2

    Speed Dial 2 uses visual bookmarks it calls “dials,” clearly inspired by Opera’s Speed Dial feature. You can create many different dials that function as large thumbnail bookmarks with this extension, even categorizing your thumbnails into different groups. You can also access a sidebar that allows you to browse all your Chrome bookmarks, reopen recently closed tabs, and launch installed Chrome web apps.

    This new tab page replacement is particularly good because it gives you large bookmarks for any websites you like. It’s much easier to create large, visual bookmarks with Speed Dial 2 than it is to manually create and install your own Chrome web apps. which is what you have to do with the default new tab page.

    Google Now-Style New Tab Page

    This new tab page replacement copies the style of Google Now. included by default on Android 4.1 and up and available for Apple’s iOS. Google Now is coming to Chrome soon, but in the meantime you can use this new tab page replacement.

    This extension doesn’t actually function like Google Now does or show the same information. Instead, it mimics Google Now’s interface and provides an easy way to perform voice searches, displays up-to-date weather and news, and offers shortcuts to your installed web apps.

    OneFeed turns your new tab page into “the ultimate social dashboard.” It fetches content from sites like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and news websites, showing you up-to-date information. Like other new tab pages, it also allows you to you launch recently visited websites and bookmarks.

    Unlike some of the other new tab pages here, OneFeed is very polished and is practically a full-fledged web service. Your OneFeed settings will even follow you across computers if you log in.

    Awesome New Tab Page

    Awesome New Tab Page is probably the most customizable new tab page replacement. It looks similar to Microsoft’s Windows 8 -style interface, formerly known as Metro. However, Awesome New Tab page doesn’t just copy Microsoft’s “Modern” look. It allows you to add apps, bookmarks, and even interactive widgets. For example, you’ll find a clock widget installed by default. You could also install a variety of other widgets, including ones that display weather, Gmail, Twitter, or RSS content right on your new tab page.

    New MetroTab

    If you’re looking for a new tab page that does try to copy Microsoft’s Modern interface as closely as possible, try New MetroTab. Awesome New Tab Page feels only loosely inspired by Windows 8, but New MetroTab feels like an attempt to copy Windows 8’s Start screen as closely as possible in Chrome.

    New MetroTab shows your installed apps and recently visited sites. Some apps can even display information in the form of live tiles right on your new tab page, just as live tiles work on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

    Empty New Tab Page

    Empty New Tab Page is a simple extension that allows you to disable the new tab page entirely. After installing this extension, your new tab page will always be blank — no more apps, bookmarks, and recently viewed websites cluttering your browser.

    Add Your Own Custom Icons

    If you like Chrome’s standard new tab page but wish it had large icons for your favorite websites, there’s a way to get them. Just follow our guide to creating custom Chrome web apps. These web apps become large shortcut icons on your new tab page, allowing you to get direct links to websites that don’t have Chrome web apps. For example, you could create a large shortcut that takes you to your bank’s website or even MakeUseOf.

    Do you have a favorite new tab page replacement for Chrome? Leave a comment below and let us know about it, especially if we didn’t mention it above!

    Creating a New New Tab Page for Chrome - Tales of a Developer Advocate

    Creating a New New Tab Page for Chrome

    Paul Kinlan First Published on December 9 2010

    For a long time Chrome Extensions have had the ability to create a new tab page in side Chrome. An excellent example of this is SpeedDial .

    With the introduction of the new Chrome Web Store there is a new boy in town. Apps. Apps are installed on to the New Tab Page and if your extension doesn’t handle them, then you need to update it because users will not be able to run the new apps that they have installed or purchased.

    The good news is that for a little while now Chrome has had a Management API. The API gives you specific access to a list of all the Apps and Extensions that are installed in to a users browser.

    So, without further ado, lets make an awesome Chrome Extension New Tab Page with an amazing App Launcher!!

    As always with an extension, you start with a manifest.

    Done, that was simple. Notice that we defined a permission – management, and we also defined an object called “chrome_url_overrides”, specifying a new url for the New Tab Page.

    Next step, create the “newtab.html” file – we will keep it simple for now – just a simple skeleton.

    It is pretty standard HTML, with a simple call to a Chrome specific API called chrome.management.getAll – which as you guessed gets a list of all the Extensions and App installed on the your system. Like all methods in the extension subsystem, getAll doesn’t return data directly, rather the data is returned via a callback defined by you. The callback will recieve a list of ExtensionInfo objects

    Lets do something with this, because as it stands it is just a blank page. Lets populate the “apps” div with some content by padding out “getAllCallback” with some functionality.

    Again, pretty simple – the output should look similar to the attached. Pretty nice, but there is one small problem – nothing is clickable, we can’t launch anything. That is pretty simple to solve thanks again to chrome.management API. The API has a simple method called “launchApp” which at its simplest takes an extension ID as its parameter.

    Lets get that added so we have a fully functioning New Tab Page and App launcher. We will just add a click handler to the image, no anchors needed.

    And that is it. We have a Chrome extension that provides a New Tab Page with app launcher functionality! Awesome

    The code for this post is on Github. so fork away and have a play and let me know if you create an awesome extension.

    Google Chrome Extension: New Tab Redirect! STEP BY STEP

    Google Chrome Extension: New Tab Redirect! STEP BY STEP

    If you’ve reached this this page in an attempt to find instructions for uninstalling the extension here they are:

    1. Navigate to chrome://extensions
    2. Click ‘Uninstall’ below ‘New Tab Redirect!’

    Yes, it’s that easy.

    If you’re doing this because you can no longer find your apps, add a bookmark called “Apps” that points to

    Finally, if you’re wondering what magic was used to create this extension, read on.


    (see http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/overview.html for a thorough background of Chrome Extension development)

    A Google Chrome Extension is a mini web application which runs in its own process and can perform actions at a browser-level or page-level.

    An extension consists (or may consist) of a number of parts:

    • manifest.json
    • Web files (html, js, css, images)
    • NPAPI Plugins
    • background.html (the long-running process)

    All of these files are bundled into a package with a .crx file extension. When uploading your extension to the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery, you only zip up the files your extension needs and Google will package it properly for you.

    The manifest.json file is a file which specifies properties of your extension in JavaScript Object Notation (aka JSON). For a quick intro to JSON, check out http://www.learn-ajax-tutorial.com/Json.cfm

    The Manifest File


    (end manifest.json)

    The name, description, version, background_page, and options_page key/value pairs are pretty self-explanatory.

    The “chrome_url_overrides” section is interesting. As you can see, the value for this entry is itself an object. This object allows me to override “newtab” with my own page, “redirect.html”. Currently, the chromium team will only allow you to override newtab, however, I anticipate they’ll allow you to override other pages in the future. For a list of url constants used within Chrome, check out the url_constants.cc file in the source code repository. Possible future overrides would be anything that is listed near the end of that file as ‘const char kChromeUI*Host[]’

    Back to the file. “permissions” takes an array of requested permissions. New Tab Redirect! requires permissions to update tabs. This is because we’re not only redirecting to html web-hosted sites; New Tab Redirect allows you to set web pages, local files, or inherent Chrome pages.

    “icons” specifies the location of the icons your extension will use. These icons will be displayed in the Gallery and in the Extensions page within Google Chrome.

    Remember: You must change your version number when updating your publicly hosted extension, or else Chrome won’t find a new version and your users will not be updated.

    The Background Page


    (end background.html)

    This page is pretty self-explanatory for the most part. The background page is your long-running process, and is usually used to house any variables that are shared between pages. However, this isn’t a necessity of Chrome Extension architecture. Every page in an extension can interact with any other page through chrome.extension.getViews() or chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage(). Because of the nature of New Tab Redirect, I’ve used a background page.

    One thing of note is the initialization of the extension. Since the operation is fairly simple, allowing a user to specify a url and then redirecting to that url, the only thing I need to worry about immediately is the url. This is stored using HTML 5’s local storage. If the url doesn’t exit, I set it to facebook.

    The setUrl function is located in the Background page and is called from options.html. It is located here so the options page isn’t trying to set the url variable that is maintained by the background page. This function checks my array of allowed protocols and validates the url with some simple rules.

    r(tabId) is the function which actually updates the tab when the protocol isn’t an http or https protocol. The function name is short because the the code in redirect.html should be as concise as possible. This function calls the chrome.tabs.update method (one culprit behind the tabs permission requirement)

    That tabId is provided via the redirect.html, which gets the currently created tab’s id. However, again note that this processing only occurs when the url is local.

    Because the options page is simple html and styles, I’ll only include the JavaScript which sets the url.


    (end options.js)

    As you can see, I’ve included jQuery for dom manipulation. I decided to do this because jQuery is so small and because the Options page can be whatever size you’d like (keeping in mind user experience, of course). This saved me some time from writing out a little bit of javascript.

    Of note here is how I build the lists of Chrome pages, About pages, and Popular pages. This isn’t included in the options.html file, which only has placeholders for the unordered lists. This allows me to go in and provide a page name and url for chromePages and popularPages, or just the url for aboutPages. If I want to add anything in the future, I’ll just add a key/value pair (or url) to one of these objects. If I want to remove, likewise, I only touch the respective object.

    Quick links (one from an above-mentioned object) are saved automatically, bypassing the url checking regex. However, you’ll notice in the save_options function that I check first to see if the url is in the list of about pages, this is because a user will most likely enter about:memory or any valid url, and whould be less likely to enter chrome-internal://newtab/. In the future, I will probably add checks on all objects before checking a valid url, but this kind of thing happens in incremental development.

    As you can see, if the user gets to save the url, the function setUrl from the background page is called via chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage().setUrl(url); Following good user interface techniques, we have to let the user know what happened, which is what the next line and the rest of the function accomplishes.

    Note: The new tab url is chrome-internal:// instead of chrome://. Why is this, do you think? Don’t think too hard, though. It’s simple: redirect.html is now chrome://newtab/, because I’ve told chrome to override the newtab with my own file. You can test it out by typing chrome://newtab into Google Chrome. Try chrome-internal://newtab and see what happens? This can only be called internally, hence the name, and must be called from within an extension via chrome.tabs.update. If you don’t use this internal url, when you set the url to chrome://newtab and hit CTRL+T or click the ‘+’ tab, your tab will keep trying to call itself, and eventually stop, after doing nothing meaningful.


    Finally, the beast that does it all.


    (end redirect.html)

    Note: I have run the redirect.html file through HTML Tidy and a JavaScript formatter at http://jsbeautifier.org/. but this file should be as compact as possible. If you were to download New Tab Redirect and look at the source code, you’d see this code is all on one line. I’m writing this for your enjoyment, though, and one-liners aren’t fun to look at.

    The only thing special about this file is the the onload function. You’ll notice how it runs r after 100 ms, then runs it again. There is quite an odd situation here: Chrome either has to initialize localStorage, doesn’t allow us to get the current window and tab id immediately, or the processing required to do so takes longer than 100ms. You could, honestly, run the redirect function through a loop until it redirects (considering the document.location.href will immediately redirect the browser tab. If the url specified by the user is local, the function gets the current window, and from that the id of the current tab, and passes that to the background page’s function.

    I’ve been asked by a user or two to remove the redirect message, but I’ll keep it for now. I consider a message necessary if, for some reason, a future release of Chrome breaks the extension.

    The current source code for New Tab Redirect can be accessed via your Chrome Extensions directory after installing the extension, and is availing at the New Tab Redirect Project Page on Google Code.

    If you have any questions or comments about this extension, please contact me.