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Mse webm vp9 firefox

firefox-43.0.1 youtube - An error occurred. Please try again later

I have upgaraded today my firefox to version

firefox-43.0.1.tar.bz2 (64 bit)

Now i am seeing something wired. If i try to play the youtube videos then that does not work ( An error occurred. Please try again later ). If i start the firefox with the switch "-P" and create a new profile then all works. Since i wanted to make my current profile work, i disabled all extentions and tried again. But that did not help. Then i enabled only the user agent switcher and live http headers addon. I notice that if i change the user agent from the default firefox to google chrome then all work as expected, but i can not understand why is the default user agent not working then?

Here is the default user agent http GET to youtube.

That was always working with the default user agent. If i go to the html5 test page on youtube i see that all elements are enabled i.e.

HTMLVideoElement H.264 WebM VP8 Media Source Extensions MSE & H.264 MSE & WebM VP9

So what i am missing here? Is there any particular string i should be looking in about:config?

PS: Cache, cookies are cleared anytime i restart firefox.

Mse webm vp9 firefox:

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    How to enable MSE - support on YouTube for Firefox right now - gHacks Tech News

    How to enable MSE & H2.64 support on YouTube for Firefox right now

    When you open YouTube's HTML5 page in the most recent stable version of Firefox right now, you will notice that support is not available for all technologies listed on the page.

    Support may be available for HTMLVideoElement, H.264 and WebM VP8, but not for Media Source Extensions, MSE & H.264 or MSE & WebM VP9.

    A configuration option is available to enable Media Source Extensions and MSE & WebM VP9 right now in the Firefox browser.

    To do so, load about:config in the browser's address bar and search for the term media.mediasource.enabled there. Double-click the preference to set it to true.

    When you go back to YouTube's HMTL5 page afterwards, you will notice that only MSE & H.264 is listed as unsupported while all remaining options are supported.

    If you do not do that, you will only receive select resolutions for videos on YouTube when using the HTML5 video player. This is quite problematic as Google will force Firefox users to use the HTML5 video player from Firefox 33 on .

    Mozilla has not enabled the feature by default yet, not even in the most recent Nightly version of Firefox. This is an indicator that the feature is not yet ready for prime time and that it may take a couple of release cycles before it will be enabled by default.

    Most video resolutions become available after you enable Media Source Extensions in Firefox. What is still not supported afterwards however is MSE & H.264 which means that some videos may not play in all resolutions yet on the site.

    Enable MSE & H.264

    A new preference in Firefox Nightly 34 changes that however, so that support for all requested technologies is provided afterwards on YouTube.

    Note. While the article concentrates on Google's video hosting platform, enabling support for MSE & H.264 will benefit users of the browser on other websites as well.

    You need to create a new preference to do so:

    1. Type about:config and hit enter.
    2. Confirm you will be careful.
    3. Right-click and select New > Boolean.
    4. Name the preference media.mediasource.ignore_codecs.
    5. Set its value to True.

    Update: Linux userrs may change the following preferences as well:

    1. media.mediasource.mp4.enabled to true
    2. media.fragmented-mp4.* to true
    3. media.fragmented-mp4.use-blank-decoder to false

    If you go back to YouTube's HTML page, you should see all six technologies listed as supported (in green).

    Several bugs need to be resolved before the feature will be enabled directly by Mozilla for all users of the browser. You can check out the mediasource progress here .

    This means that you may get hangs or experience other issues after enabling mp4 container support for Media Source Extensions in the browser.

    Still, it is great to see that Mozilla is working on support for the feature in Firefox. It is unclear if it will manage to resolve all issues before Firefox 33 gets released, as it may result in an increase in support requests when Firefox users notice that YouTube is serving them only some resolutions.

    Firefox tweaks

    Firefox tweaks

    This page contains advanced Firefox configuration options and performance tweaks.


    Improving Firefox's performance is divided into parameters that can be inputted while running Firefox or otherwise modifying its configuration as intended by the developers, and advanced procedures that involve foreign programs or scripts.

    Note: Always use the latest version of Firefox.

    Advanced Firefox options

    This section contains advanced Firefox options for performance tweaking. For additional information see these Mozillazine forum posts.

    Enable OpenGL Off-Main-Thread Compositing (OMTC)

    Warning: If OpenGL OMTC is disabled for a specific hardware, it may be due to stability issues, high system resources consumption, driver bugs or a number of different variables. Proceed with force-enabling it at your own risk.

    Note: Since Firefox version 40 basic software OMTC is enabled by default.

    To check if OpenGL OMTC is enabled, go to about:support and under the "Graphics" section look for "GPU Accelerated Windows". If it reports "0/1 Basic (OMTC)" (possibly 0/2), OpenGL OMTC is disabled; if it reports "1/1 OpenGL (OMTC)" (possibly 1/2 or 2/2) it is enabled.

    How to enable MSE and native HTML5 support in Firefox on Linux

    How to enable MSE and native HTML5 support in Firefox on Linux

    Mozilla recently announced the release of Firefox 37 which comes with many new features. One of the most important features is native support for HTML 5. The new Media Source Extensions API that has been enabled allows native HTML5 playback on YouTube, essentially with this there is no need for Flash to use YouTube as everything should work correctly including live video.

    The flip side is, as usual the feature is available for Mac and Windows users only. Unfortunately the MSE API hasn’t been enabled for Linux users who arguably needed it most given that half of us don’t run Flash and the half that do no longer get major Flash updates.

    We are hiring! We are looking for news, indepth tutorials, tips & tricks and reviews. If you are interested, fill this form and contact us now!

    If you are a Linux user, you have to do that extra work to get things going.

    Let’s get started.

    Open Firefox and go to about:config page. Then press the button which says “i’ll be careful, I promise”.

    Then in the search box type media.media and hit enter. From the long list, look for the following and toggle them all to ‘true’:




    Gentoo Forums

    $ equery list gst-plugins\*

    * Searching for gst-plugins*.

    [IP-] [ ] media-libs/gst-plugins-bad-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-libs/gst-plugins-base-0.10.36-r2:0.10

    [IP-] [ ] media-libs/gst-plugins-base-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-libs/gst-plugins-good-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-libs/gst-plugins-ugly-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-a52dec-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-cdparanoia-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-dts-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-dvb-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-dvdread-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-faad-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-ffmpeg-0.10.13_p201211-r3:0.10

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-flac-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-jpeg-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-lame-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-libav-1.2.4-r1:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-libmms-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-libnice-0.1.10-r100:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-mad-1.4.5:1.0

    [IP-] [ ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta-1.0-r2:1.0

    Activar MSE, MSE - y MSE - WebM VP9 en Firefox

    Activar MSE, MSE & H.264 y MSE & WebM VP9 en Firefox

    Antes que nada comenzar a decir que tengo la sgte ver. de Firefox.

    La versiom de ubuntu es:

    Sabemos que para utilizar el reproductor HTML5 de YouTube debemos dirigirnos a su URL https://www.youtube.com/html5 y activarlo, y veremos algo similar a:

    Vemos,arriba, que por defecto solo muestran habilitados algunos componentes.

    Para habilitar estos complemntos iremos a about:config de Firefox (ingresadolo en la barra de direcciones), confirmamos cuando se nos advierte de los riesgos que esto implica,

    Habilitar Media Source Extensions

    Buscamos media.mediasource.enabled y hacemos doble click para cambiar su valor de ‘false’ a ‘true’

    Y les quedara como en la figura abajo

    Habilitar MSE & H.264

    media.mediasource.mp4.enabled a true

    media.fragmented-mp4.* a true (donde * es comodin)

    media.fragmented-mp4.use-blank-decoder a false

    Y les quedara como en la figura abajo

    How to Enable Media Source Extensions in Firefox

    How to Enable Media Source Extensions in Firefox

    HTML5 brought forward many new things when it was first release a few years ago. The most talked about feature of HTML5 is its ability of playing videos and audio streams without having to require any third party plugins like Adobe Flash Player. While Firefox already supports many different features of HTML5, there are many new things are are being rolled out with each new version of this great web browser. In the latest release of Firefox – version 31, they have added a new HTML5 feature called Media Source Extensions that can make HTML5 video play much more interactively on a webpage.

    The Media Source Extensions feature is not enabled by default in Firefox as of now. So you have make some changes in your Firefox browser settings to enable this feature. Here is how you can enable Media Source Extensions in Firefox:

    By enabling Media Source Extension you just giving an option to the websites to make use of this feature in your web browser. But if a website does not make use of this feature, then you will not notice any improvement in HTML5 video playback. As of now, only Youtube website is known to make use of Media Source Extensions when you watch videos in the HTML5 mode.

    Икает звук на Youtube! Что делать? Паника

    Икает звук на Youtube! Что делать? Паника

    Иногда по утрам смотрю ролики на Ютубе. Видосов там много и почти на любой вкус: от развлекательных до научно-популярных, от глупых, где можно увидеть «как не надо», до лайфхаков и технологий.

    Сегодня тоже хотел, но столкнулся с проблемой: стал «икать» звук. При том «икал» во всех установленных браузерах, на любом качестве.

    В принципе, можно смотреть без звука с субтитрами (там где они есть), но это же издевательство над идеей.

    Полез искать причину, нашел ее и обезвредил в браузере FireFox (которым и пользуюсь). Об этом дальше по тексту.

    Ход мысли был таким: если вчера всё работало, а сегодня глючит, то причина либо в Youtube и его нововведениях, либо на моей машине.

    С чего начнем?

    Вначале залез во Вконтакте. Там видосы (те что не вставлены из ютуба) работают нормально. Ок.

    Потом полез по вот этой ссылке http://www.youtube.com/html5. чтобы понять, чего этому Ютюбу не хватает для счастья.

    Хм. Не хватает некого MSE & WebM VP9. Ок, сейчас дадим.

    Набираю в адресной строке about:config

    Соглашаюсь быть осторожным. О какой гарантии они говорят?

    Забиваю в поиск по конфигу строчку «webm.» (без кавычек, но с точкой). Вот оно!

    Видите эти две строчки? Я их подчеркнул! Против них стоят значения false. Это значит — выключено.

    Включаем! Как? Правой кнопкой мыши кликаем по строке и выбираем «Переключить».

    Кстати! Если надумаете повторить — знайте, вы делаете это на свой страх, риск и пр. пр. пр. А я тут ни при чем!

    После этого, против строки будет стоять значение true .

    Снова переходим на http://www.youtube.com/html5 и убеждаемся, что MSE & WebM VP9 включена.

    Убедились? Отлично!

    Теперь иду на Youtube слушать песню «Задротская Ярость».